Help on hair removal for male asians

I was browsing Lougheed Laser Centre
and saw three different types of laser treatments. There is Epitouch Alexandrite, CoolGlide, and Coherent Lightsheer XC. I have no idea which is the best method but here’s some backround information on myself.

I’m asian with slightly dark skin and is seeking permanent hair removal. I’m not sure which would be the more promising treatment, but it’s probably either electrolysis or laser. I want to remove basically my entire upper body hair(including chest, back, and arms except for my armpits), facial hair, and if possible buttocks and my neck.
I live in British Columbia and I don’t have a lot of cash to spend.

So should I go for laser or electrolysis?
Can I take whichever treatment slowly and pay slowly?
Any better alternatives for permanent hair removal?


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If you don’t have a lot of hair (just a few stragglers here and there), electrolysis might be a good option.

For large areas with more hair, you might do a few laser treatments and finish up with electro. Laser alone rarely removes all hairs permanently.

As far as the lasers offered, I’d say, Lightsheer, EpiTouch alexandrite, and Cooltouch in that order if you seek permanent results.

Be sure to read this, too:

Hairfacts: Choosing a laser practitioner

Thank you for such a quick response. I’ve read your article and there seems to be a lot of researching before getting the treatment done. I understand why as I also checked out the “serious skin damage” page. To ensure this won’t happen how do you exactly know if you are not being over treated? I mean are you even suppose to feel any pain at all during a session? Would I need laser at all if there isn’t alot of hair as you said “(just a few stragglers here and there)”?
Thank you again for the reply.