HELP! off to Mexico in 2 days - can I get laser bikini job NOW? first time...

Hi - any response is highly appreciated! need emergency expert advice, for bikini line laser hair removal treatment.

I have never had laser hair removal, want one done but leaving for warm vacation in 2 days. I was able to get an appointment, but have my doubts… Will I be able to in the sun at all?? even a little?

I am a white female with medium light skin and little hair growth. I’ve also tanned last week, once. My skin is a bit photosensitive - few freckles.

Is this a good idea or should I wait until returning to cold and sleet of continental US… Please help - frazzled :frowning:

Not a good idea. You don’t want to tan within a few weeks-months, before or after treatment. You should avoid sun exposure. Also, you might have unsightly redness that won’t have faded by the time you go on vacation.

Best to wait.

I would recommend you just get a wax and go have fun in the sun. When you want to do laser, you need to not be exposing the area to sun, and it can be red, bumpy etc while you let the hair follicles shed.