HELP nobody wants to tell me the side effects

I need some help i started to use Tend Skin probably four days ago. i use the tend skin under my arm pits because that is where my problem is. two days after using the product i got a horrible rash under my arms everywhere that i was putting the product. i then stopped using the product right after i noticed the rash. but the rash has not gone away it has gotten worse and i have cleaned the area with cold water and a wash cloth. it doesnt burn much but sometimes does. i was wondering if anyone thought that i should go to a doctor or if you can tell me if this is normal or not. Please someone give me some advice THaNKS! :confused:

That stuff is a powerful exfoliant. Do not use it in conjunction with any other chemicals like deodorant etc, and use it sparingly until you know you you react. I can use a lot on my legs, but not much on my stomach.

You might put some aloe gel on it if it burns, but beyond that, I would let it setlte.