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Hello Everyone!
Can anyone tell me which one is the best hair removal system. I have alot of hair on my body and face. i use wax for my face and shaving for legs and arms but i do have some hair on my body ( tummy, breast and butts too) can any one suggest me how can i get rid of them premanetly without any side effects. My skin is very senstive. I easily get rashes and burns…so i need soemthing that can help me out, withouht any side effects. Please suggest me anything you guys think really works or would be best choice.
Thank you very much

Electrolysis done by a competent operator.

It will be permanent, and should have no side effects in either the short or long term.


hi, i was just curious as to if the electrologist will do the butt area as well?

Depends on the electrologist - and if you are female or male…

Some will not do anything like that at all, some will only do females. some will only do males. and some (those with the proper attitude) will not be worried where it is - after all, a hair is a hair…


Thanks for replying me David, but i heard that it has side effects. First of all its very expensive, secondly it takes long time to complete the cycle. Thirdly it damages the skin. (By the way are you exprenced with this. Reply me as soon as possible


Expense is a relative thing. If you work out what say a LASER treatment costs, and the results you get from it, then basically it is infinitely expensive, (in other words, you may need 4 or 6 or 8 treatments at say $300-500 a time, and then do it all again in 12-18 months because your did not get the results you wanted)

If you have a competent electrolysis operator, then the results will be permanent. They may charge $50-100 per hour, but then if you compare that to Laser, you can get almost a week of Electrolysis for the same money. You can do a lot in 30 or 40 hours of Electrolysis.

It can take a while to complete the cycle, but once you get an initial clearance, then the maintenance phase is faster (and of course cheaper) - you get to a point where you would not need to go again in 12-18 months… after having had a few treatments… basically, you just need to keep going until all the hairs that have been lying dormant have decided to grow again, and then have been treated…

If you are getting skin damage, then you need to find another person to work on you… a competent operator will not allow skin to be damaged and will be aware of it when it starts to happen. You can help yourself in lots of ways to make the experience even better - things like not smoking, no caffeine, plenty of water, no sun for a few days before and after treatment, proper hygiene etc. These points have all been covered here before, and any competent electrologist will mention them to you before treatment. If you have very sensitive skin, then you stand more chance or short and long term damage by LASER treatment…

I think the biggest thing with electrolysis is the time it can take, esp. in the beginning phase… Once you get beyond that, then it is much more manageable… but count the hours spent shaving or plucking or visiting LASER clinics and then you will see in the long run that Electrolysis is an efficient method…

There is no magic cure, it all takes time, money and patience. But if you want permanent results, with the least chance of skin damage, then Electrolysis by a competent operator is your only choice.

Good luck,


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If you are growing hair in all these areas, please, see an endocrenologist to test you for hormonal disorders. In either case, you will be glad you did.