Help-- need advice about LHR!


I have been researching laser hair removal for a while now and have gone to several different places to ask questions and make a more informed decision. It is frustrating because everyone has a different machine they recommend for my skin type. Please tell me your experiences or advice!

I am a 33 year old Asian Indian female with Skin Type IV. Two places I have been to carry the YAG laser but tell me that IPL is better on my skin…this seems to contradict the information I read online. The place I am seriously looking at has a Palomar Starlux 500 IPL machine that they say works well on my skin type. Is IPL the same as laser in that it is PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION? Would I need more treatments than with laser (they say I would need between 5-8)? I am wanting to do hair removal on legs/arms/bikini/underamrms as well as on my face and upper back (both of which have finer, vellous hair)…should I be worried about increased hair growth in these areas (beacause they are syaing that does not happen with laser/IPL even though I keep reading about it)?

Please advise! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

In my limited research experience, I found that Palomar Starlux IPL machine is found in American Laser Centers. There are many reviews of this chain on these forums.

Laser only works on coarse hair. Do NOT touch your face. It will only make it worse, especially on your skin type.

You should only be using a Yag laser on your skin type. I’d be wary of the clinics you’re going to. Are you sure they have a Yag machine and know how to use it, or they’re just saying they do?

Find a clinic with a Yag laser that uses good settings and start with one small area like the underarms. If that goes well, then add other areas with coarse hair ONLY.

Please read our FAQs at the link below. It explains the difference between IPL and lasers. True lasers are better all other things being equal. And on darker skin types, IPLs shouldn’t be used due to higher chance of burns.

Thank you for your input. I have read about American Laser Center and will NOT be going there. The place I was considering was not a “chain” but I did find it odd that they had a YAG laser machine in the office but said I would not need that. I will continue my search…

I don’t think ALC uses Palomar. They use Syneron machines.

You’re basically in between skin types. You’re probably light enough for a diode machine, but those are harder to use. A Yag would be your safest choice.

Either way, there are better clinics and machines out there.

Thanks…I will call a clinic listed on your link above and get some info from them.

I am in Overland Park, KS

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