help me, waxing made my stomach hair grow back thicker

To all those who said that waxing does not make hair grow back darker or thicker…not with me. A few months ago I was waxing at home, and got a little wax happy and waxed my stomach too. Well since then the hair around my belly has grown back slightly thicker, darker and longer. So now what should I do. I know waxing is supposed to make hair thinner. If I keep waxing (which I haven’t done since) repeatingly, will is eventually get lighter? Am I doomed to use hair bleach on my stomach for the rest of my life, unless I find something permanent? Help!!

If you have excess hair on your body, go to you endocrinologis or a gyn and ask them to test for hormonal disorders which may grow hair.

Wxing, in fact, can make the hairs grow thicker, bacause epilation can stimulate the dermal papilla in the skin which grows hair. Only shaving the hair at or above skin level will not effect hair growth.

Stomach sounds like one of the easier areas to treat by electrolysis. In case you don’t yet know, electrolysis is the only hair removal method which is proven to have permanent results.
Visit and the electrolysis forum here for more info.

Good luck!

This happened to my sister when she shaved her stomach a few years ago. I have heard that if you “tamper” with very soft/light hair on your body it will be altered and grow back darker and thicker. Seems that this is true. My sister just started waxing it so I don’t know if it gets softer with time, but it won’t get any darker that’s for sure. So my suggestion is to continue waxing. I would strongly advise against shaving it so you won’t have to deal with stubble.

I am new here by the way, nice to meet you! :smile:

“girl” : i am very grateful that you posted this up!

i too have hair on my stomach, i posted up a picture on the ‘emotional’ pages, so you can see what hair/skin combination i have- maybe we are similar!
i was considering waxing my stomach because the laser will not effectively treat my hairs as they are fine. but you are not alone, i dont know what to do with this myself.

i am considering bleaching my stomach hair but am wary because it may cause the hairs to become thicker … the reason why i say this is because once i bleached the hairs in my cleavage and now they are thicker and darker compared to other surrounding hairs.