Help Me!!!! PLEASE!!!

I posted some questions on Do-It-Yourself-Electrolysis on accident(SORRY!). I was supposed to put them here. Will someone please go there and answer the questions that I am having problems with? Thank you very much for your time!!!

the questions you posted are about buying machines and stuff. sounds like info that do-it-yourselfers would have more than us (we’re just electrology clients over here), so it actually seems better for that forum.

OK, Thank you!! Sorry, At first I thought that this area was actually professional Electrolysis answering questions and giving advice, Sorry!!! I can be an idiot sometimes!!

They still put erasures on pencils for a reason my lovely. We all get confused sometimes.

Welcome to HairTell, and make sure you give back by posting your experiences, and answering questions when you are able. (yes, you really will be able to answer some questions yourself in a few months, Right VespaSusie?)


Thank You for your message and your time!!! I also hope that I will be able to give back to this site. Thank You for your support!!!

Thanks, Chasity