Help Me!!!! PLEASE!!!

I am just getting started in electrolysis. I need some help!! I have a few questions… 1-What is the best method of electrolysis to use (ex: blend, etc…)? 2-Which machine do you like best? 3-where can I purchase it from? 4-Do you know where I can purchase a great quality business start up kit including epilator,gloves,probes,books,etc.? 5-Which book &/or video on electrolysis is the most useful for people who are just getting started? PLEASE HELP!!!Thank You very much for your time…(Hopefully soon I will be starting my own business in electrolysis)

If you are a newbie, you need to practice a lot to get to the point where you do perfect insertions with the probe into the hair follicle. I would start with galvanic, then try the blend method as you get more comfortable with your insertions. Flash thermolysis is a little more riskier to your skin if are just starting, so don’t go there yet.

Any method is the best method when we’re talking electrolysis because all will destroy/damage a hair follicle. The advantages and disadvantages of each have been discussed here many times, but all three modalities give you permanency.

Do you want to purchase a professional epilator for yourself or are you a graduating student from an approved electrolysis school that is truly starting your own business? I wasn’t clear on what you were saying. I am a true fan of the higher end computerized epilators. I will never use a turn the dial type epilator again because I’m way too spoiled now. For a do-it-yourselfer,an older style would be okay, though. There are many for sale on e-bay.

There are three places to call if you are going to buy equipment for your start up business:

Texas Electrolysis Supply : 1-800-626-6025

Prestige Electrolysis Supply, Inc.: 1-800-783-7403

Instatron: 1-800-2000

You can purchase books and videos at any of the above.

My suggestion for videos are the James E. Shuster, M.D. videos. He has four that I’m aware of: “Galvanic”:, “Blend Electrolysis”, “Thermolysis” and “Complications, Side-Effects & Tissue Injury in Electrolysis”.

Must have books are Michael Bono’s, “The Blend Method”
and Richards and Meharg’s, " Cosmetic Medical Electrolysis & Temporary Hair Removal". I hope you can find Bono’s book as there was some talk of difficulty getting this book awhile back. Maybe his new version is out???

Just have a conversation with any representative at the above mentioned companies about your needs. MOST I’ve talked to have been very helpful in the past, but there have been occassions where I didn’t think I was talking to a “with it” person.

Thank-You so very much for your time and info… I am hopefully going to start my own electrolysis business soon. Your answers helped me so much. What is the name of the machine that you suggest for me??? or that you like the best. There are just so many, and since I am a newbie Iam not sure which brand is the best or, which machine is the best. Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

It all depends on your budget.

The current leader in the arms race for hair removal machines is the Apilus Platinum. It has the most comfortable treatments available at the moment, but stay tuned, the other companies won’t sit idle and let that stay the situation for long (last time Apilus held the World Championship, that only lasted about a year before someone bumped them off the throne again). The Apilus Platinum is currently listing for $8,999 US Dollars, and I don’t know that you could get any discounts on it at this time. It took years for the first used SX-500’s and Silhouet-Tone VMC’s to start coming up for resale, so I doubt you will find a used one any time soon.

Second place is sort of a tie. Most Women find the Silhouet-Tone VMC to be the most comfortable machine behind the Platinum, while Most Men find the Apilus SX-500 to be the second most comfortable. Both these machines are currently selling for less than $4,000 US Dollars. Since women seem to be the majority of hair removal customers, this gives Sil-Tone the edge on claiming that crown.

Third place would go to the under $3,000 US Dollars R. A. Fischer if I were giving out the prizes (and in this case, I am) and for the time being, fourth place goes to Instantron, where an Instantron Elite can be had for less than $2,500 US Dollars.

I must say that I have had comfortable treatments with Instantron products, it just takes real skill to do this, and what the other epilators have are things that lessen the need for skill on the electrologist’s part, thereby making a person with that machine easier able to treat more comfortably than someone else with more skill, but a different machine. Later, as skill increases, the higher end machines allow the electrologist more options that they don’t have on the lesser machines, and that will widen the gap between treatment results further, even though skill level may even out, or the electrologist with the more outdated machine gets better than the one with the more up to date machines.

Thank you for your answers and time.Will you please read the questions at the top of this page that I have wrote and give me some feedback on them. I think it is like five questions but, you have already answered some.PLEASE!!! Thnak You, Chasity

This string has already answered your questions. I see no need in duplicating what has been said. The Bono Book seems to be a thing of the past. Either you find one used, or you get a pirated copy. I don’t know if there ever will be another edition on the streets legally. The next best one in line is the Meharg/Richards book

As for methods of hair removal, learn them all, and use what is useful on each client, when it is most useful. That is why the best machines in the world are capable of performing all 3 types of treatments.

If you really become good, you will be able to use thermolysis for most things, and you still want to be very good at all three.

I posted only what I posted, because that was the only thing I felt needed to be added.

Either your school or the companies listed previously can sell you a starter package, or you can put one together by buying out a retiring electrologist, or one who is upgrading equipment. You would need connections to find those who are looking to sell out, however. Depending on where you are, I could steer you into purchasing an existing practice, and you would have equipment, office, and clientel to start.

Of course, no one around here fills out their registrations, so I usually can’t tell anyone anything about their area. (see, not even you filled it out)

Thank you for your kind words and you are welcome.

I just ordered Bono’s
The Blend Method new edition $36.00
Telangiectasia 2nd edition $39.95

from Texas Electrolysis Supply today.

I thought you guys might be interested.

Thank you again for helping me out. I filled out my registration if you would like to take a look. Thank you for your time.Oh, yeah one more thing,Do you think that Galvanic would be best also for me to use since I am a newbie. What do you think???Does it really matter?? Because,I think that I may like the blend method the best.
Well, I am really undecitated… Thanks, Chasity

Thanks for the info in the books.

It is good to hear that maybe this is something Mike doesn’t spend 5 years thinking about before actually making a move. Of course, I still like the original book, not the new and gutted version he promised to put out (the price proves that sight unseen, it must be the shorter version he described, and I tried to talk him out of)

We tell everyone who is learning, especially self taught, to start with galvanic only, and when you get good at that, move up to Blend, and only after getting good at that, should you try thermolysis. Galvanic and Blend are more forgiving of mistakes. Thermolysis can blow away sections of skin before you have a chance to notice that anything is wrong. So like I said, learn all 3 if you want to be the best electrologist you can be.

One more thing, I did not have net access, so I could not have read this site anyway, this past week, but I was in the area of Atlanta and points west of Atlanta going into Alabama during the past week, and had I had your information, there could have been a possibility of talking to you if we both had the ability to share information like this.

You never know who is reading, and who might be able to help you if you just give them enough information to do so. HairTell doesn’t spam you, nor sell your information. The only reason we even have people register is so we can keep spammers out, and keep everyone honest and accountable for what they write here.

The spammer we just banned won’t be able to pester us anymore, without jumping through some serious hoops to re-register, and the more the spammer does this, the more difficult it will be to do.

Thank you once again for helping me. I know that you said that I should start out with Galvanic, but I found a used epilator for sale on the prestige web site. It is an Fischer CBX Blend ep. w/air. $1200, 4yrs.old, used only 2yrs. includes instruction manual & all accesories(I am not sure what all accesories include b/c it did not say.).Is this a good price or should I keep looking? You never really know what you are going to get if it is used. Some people will try to scam you. Can you suggest a good galvanic machine that I should start out with. I really need to purchase a business start up kit that includes the epilator, probes, gloves,etc. Do you know of any? There was one on the global electrolysis supply site that I was really looking at until I went to hair facts and seen all of the bad things that people had said about them. So, I will not be purchasing any thing from them. Thanks again, Chasity

p.s.-I was looking at someones profile and I rated them on accident. How do I cancel it? My laptop is such a piece of crap. The touchpad(mouse) clicks on things by itself sometimes. Maybe a ghost lives in it!-Just Joking!!!

I know you don’t know this yet, so let me be the first to tell you. Any machine that performs blend, performs all 3 methods of permanent hair removal.

Blend means that one is utilizing galvanic and radio frequency (thermolysis) at the same time, so if the machine can do that, you need only know how to turn one of the currents off to work with that one exclusively. You should always get a machine that can perform all 3 forms of hair removal just so you have the flexibility.

That is a good price on a used model. You should also keep an eye on the “Ligitimate Machines For Sale On Ebay” listing here. I don’t have time now, but I will check for what is available from retiring electrologists this month and get back to you. You may be able to buy out someone’s whole office, or at least some big items for less than retail.

I would not worry about buying used electrolysis machines, other than buying junk like anything from Vector/Global, you don’t have much to worry about. If you did get a real machine that required service, you could have it fixed for an average of less than $100.00 US dollars and shipping costs. You would still be under the price of buying new, and would have a unit that was guaranteed reconditioned to new status. Even if your machine does work, it is a good idea to have it checked out just to make sure. The machines should be looked over and serviced at least every 2 years, but most people never bother to do this.

Thank you very much!!!Let me know when you have any info… I have another question?? I have made several attempts to contact electrologist in my area (Statesboro & Savannah) to find out if they would train me. Unfourtantley the four that I got in touch with all said NO! Do you know of anyone in my area that would be willing to help me?(I live in Claxton.)Do you think that it is possible for me to train myself? What should I do in this situation? I have several friends who are all willing to let me practice on them. In the state of Georgia you do not have to have license nor be certified to practice electrolysis.Do you have any advice? Books/videos? I know that you have alredy told me which books you like, but in this situation which one would be the best for me? I am eager to learn and I want to be really great at electrolysis. I really need your advice and expertise!!!Thank You so very much for your time and patience!!! You have been so helpful!!! If you would like to contact me via phone let me know and I will send you a private message with my #.-THANKS!!!

You will never find anyone in your area to train you, they look at it as inventing your own competition, and therefore giving away their own earning potential. I seriously have people who think that me treating someone in Buffalo NY is taking money away from her in, say, North Carolina.

As for training, you will probably need to be able to spend some time away from home if you want to get any good training. Perhaps you should message me so we can speak in real time.

I sent you a private message. I hope you received it. I quess that is what you meant by “So that we can speak in real time.” Thanks again for the advice. I hope to hear from you soon!!!

wow. i hope you found a reputable training program or have chosen another line of work.