Help me find a salon for professional waxing


Ok, Im a male and embarassed to call and see if they wax males. I live in the Springfield, MO USA area and have no idea where to look or what to do. If anyone knows of a place (likely not) or knows where I might find a place, let me know.


You are just going to have to get the yellow pages out, and call… if you want it bad enough, you will face up to the call… once you get a couple of calls done, you will feel OK about calling others if you have to…

You are just setting it up in your mind, and making it worse than it really is… deep breath, call…



Oh boy are you in for an interesting experience.

Believe it or not but it took me 4 years to find a place. I searched over the internet and the yellow pages. Then one day, the new yellow pages came out and there it was “full body waxing for men and women”.

Before that it wasn’t a great experience calling around but I never died from being turned away.