Help me decide!!!

I have been reading all of these posts and have finally decided on laser hair removal for my upper lip with the Lightsheer diode. I called a couple of places and found the following.

1- doctor’s office, a certified esthetician performs the laser and the cost is $133.00 per session or $401.25 for 4 sessions (prepay get one freebie). the receptionist answered all my questions.

2- also a doctor’s office but from their website it looks more like a clinic. it was started by a few doctors who joined together to form the clinic. they only charge $70.00 per session or $210.00 for 5 sessions!!! what a price difference.
when i called them, the receptionist didn’t know all the answers and put me on hold for a while, to ask someone…i assume?? that sort of concerns me. she told me that a technician is the one that performs the laser.

my question is…which should i chose? the price is a big difference and the savings would be helpful for a student like me…

also, both told me that there would be some redness but the first one told me it would last about an hour and the second said it would last about 3 hours.

i’ve had epilight treatments already, one last year in april and then i just started up again in jan. i had a tan for most of last year so that’s why i stopped. so far i’ve had one in jan, feb and another this month but i’m considering stopping them after reading all the posts regarding the ineffectiveness of the epilight. after 3 treatments, i still have hair growth but it is much finer. I’m wondering if it is working at all? epilight is very cheap thought, only $20.00 per session. i suppose it is very early still and i should give it more time. I may go ahead with another epilight treatment and then if results aren’t noticable, I will begin the laser treatment.

i hope one of these will finally work for me. having facial hair is very depressing.

please answer my question if you can…