Help me choose a clinic!!

Hello! I am new to this forum and would first like to say how glad I am to have found other people who have experience with LHR.

OK - I am 24 f and have been considering the procedure on my bikini line for over a year now. I have light skin and dark hair so I think that I am a pretty good candidate. I have found a few clinics in my area that offer laser and was wondering if I could get some insight into making a decision on a clinic.

Clinic #1 - A medical center(UAMS dermatology clinic), uses epilight laser, free consult, $1500 for 5 treatments, 4-5 wks between treatments

Clinic #2 - Plastic Surgery Laser clinic, also uses epilight, $35 consult, $155 per treatment, 4 wks between treatments

Clinic #3 - Also a Plastic Surgery Laser clinic, uses lightsheer diode laser, $? consult, $250 - $300 per treatment, 6 - 8 wks between treatments

I like the first two because they seem cheaper and faster, although I haven’t heard much on the results of epilight. Most of the posts that I have read here have been about diode. Anyone know the differences in results between epilight and diode? However, the third clinic offers financing, which would be nice.

If you have read this far, thanks for the interest - and thanks for any insight that you may provide!


For bikini area discussion, please post in Mature Area.

The time between each treatment is varying from every body, and I suggest space them a bit further apart might be more efficient. I personally don’t think the “fast” one would give you good lasting results.

Oops - sorry. How embarrassing! I didn’t know that there was a seperate forum for bikini lines. I just saw a topic from a girl named Marcy earlier about bikini lines and I guess I just assumed that all areas were up for discussion. Thanks for the heads up.