Help - Many dark spots

I am a brown skin African American. For the past few years I have had unsightly dark brown bumps all over my legs. How can I get rid of them? I have provided pictures of what they look like. Sorry for the bad quality.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

How old are you? When did you first start shaving your legs?

It looks like the hairs on your legs are so dark and thick that you can still see them under your skin even after you shave. Have you tried waxing your legs to see if the dark marks/bumps don’t show? Also, try exfoliating your skin by using an exfoliating body wash (there are other threads on this board that discuss the best kind of body wash). Or, even better, see a dermatologist and he/she will know what to do.

Im 18 now. I first started shaving my legs in 5th/6th grade. But I rarely shave them now. I usually use Nair creams. I have never waxed my legs before either. I will look into exfoliating also. Thank you!

Niar creams have the same result as shaving: they just remove the hair above the skin. You might want to try waxing, because it’ll get rid of the hair from the root. If you want to try waixng, then I recommend going to a professional waxing salon. And I’m glad you’re going to try exfoliating, because that should help too.