Help! Little dark dots after IPL


I have had my first IPL session done, yesterday, without problems on most areas done.
But in one spot, where my skin is darker, I now have an accumulation of hundreds of very tiny dark brown dots. It looks almost like small versions of crusted wounds, but its complelety beneath the skin. The surface is still smooth and it does not hurt.
Its definitely not the “tombstones” I read about in other threads. Too many of them and too small.
What is this?
Should I be worried or will it go away?

Thanks alot!

They likely are crusted wounds. LASERs used in hair removal key on the pigment of the hair, and can’t tell the difference between darker skin and your hair. That is why one is not supposed to tan prior to LASER treatments.


So you think it will finally fade away?
It looks like tiny little crusted wounds, but what is strange about it is that they are under the skin and not superficial like regular crusts.