Help: laser and ingrown hairs

Hi, I’m hoping to get some advice. I recently started laser hair removal and have hit a painful roadblock. I shave my chest before treatments, but am getting A LOT of ingrown hairs. I was informed that a closer shave should result in less pain during laser treatment and make the treatment more effective. However, I’m wondering if ingrowns are actually causing more pain than its worth.
Can I simply use a beard trimmer and buzz the hair down before treatment, or am I just going to have to live with ingrown hairs for a while? Thanks for any help/advice you have to offer :slight_smile:

Apart from the laser treatment, there are other ways that may help. Daily habbits are important to how to get rid of ingrown hair. Besides, you can use some skin care products.

What type of razor do you use and how do you shave? I would recommend using a safety razor or a single-blade razor to avoid cutting the hair so close. You can shave with the grain rather than against so that the hair is not cut below the surface. If this does not make a difference, a beard trimmer with no guard is also suitable.

Your pain level will likely not be affected either way, but the length of the hair does apparently have an effect on the results of the treatment. The difference between using a beard trimmer or a razor may be negligible, though I’m not certain.