Help is needed...PLEASE. Thanks.



I have been plucking the hairs on my chin and upper lip and have noticed that I have started to discolor my skin in that area. At any sign of a hair I pluck! I absolutely need to get this taken care; I think my husband is noticing. Will I need to let the hair grow in beofe I get the laser treatment done? What type is best for white skin and dark hair? What is the average cost? Thanks so much.


Monti: If you are considering laser or electrolysis, you must first STOP TWEEZING! I cannot stress this enough - throw the tweezers away. You are irritating your skin, causing hyperpigmentation and possible scarring. Also, every hair is going to be on a different growth cycle, making your results from laser or electrolysis that much further down the road. Regarding laser, if you have light skin and dark hair, then any of the lasers (not IPL) will do - whether it’s diode, alexandrite or NdYag. You can start shaving the hairs, or clip them with safety scissors. Check the yellow pages in your area for laser hair removal facilities and go on as many consultations (they should be free) as you can. There is a lot of info on the web available also. Manufacturers have web sites as well as practitioners. Check with your State medical board to see who is allowed to perform laser hair removal. Hope all of this helps - keep us posted, and STOP TWEEZING!! :wink:


Thanks for the help and advice. I will try to stop plucking but I will NOT shave that area. So, in order for me to start the laser treatment, I will have to stop plucking and let all the hairs grow in? How do I do that when I have to go to work AND see my husband every day? Thanks again!!


I understand that you don’t want to start shaving. I was absolutely horrified at the thought of shaving my face, but, if you want to have laser treatments done, you need to. You will be wasting your money if you pluck and laser. I am sure when you go to a qualified professional that they will tell you the same thing. It’s really not as bad as you think. You won’t be shaving for long if you choose laser anyways. I was plucking 45mins-1 hour everyday just to go to work and now I don’t pluck at all or shave very often (and when I do, it is very sparse and hair is really fine & hardly noticeable) and I started laser treatments only 4 months ago.
Good Luck :smile:


Monti: I am sorry but I cannot seem to find out how to reply to you privately. In answer to your questions, I understand completely that the thought of shaving horrifies you - just about all of my female clients feel the same way. No, electrolysis during laser will not help matters, and you would still have to allow the hair to grow in. If you cannot shave, then clip the hairs close to the skin with safety scissors, or if you can tolerate Nair/Neet facial formula, then use one of these products. Try to understand that if you tweeze, then you are removing the target that the laser must have in order to work! Try to find a practitioner in your area with an NdYag 1064nm laser, preferably an Altus Coolglide (very recent technology). This wavelength is safe and powered enough for all skin colors, including ethnic skin types. Go to their web site ( and they will direct you to a practitioner in your area. I hope this helps - once you start treatment and the hairs go away, you will be a very happy girl! Good luck :wink:


Monti: about two and a half monthes ago I was just as tarrified of shaving my upper lip and chin. I had my first treatment, and decided that I w ill be either bleaching the hair in between sessions or use creams to remove, but once I tried shaving I was amazed how well it worked!!! I now had two laser treatments, and going for the third one in two days. I have to shave a few times a week, and the chin is sooo smooth afterwards. But it will only work with laser, if you are not getting laser treatment you will not get such a clean shave.


Thanks so much for all the replys. The thought of shaving my face, although, still horrifying, is beginning to make sense in my quest to be hair free. I guess, my biggest concern, besides the actual razor, is the “shadow” that appears, as a result of the shaving. How do you deal with that? I work in a very social place and I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone seeing a 5 O’clock shadow on my face. Is there a special kind of make up one can use for this? Also, I am an exercise fanatic and I need a makeup that will stay on while I workout.

I sincerly appreciate the advice.


please advice and inform me…
i have had one lyra laser treatment done on upper lip and chin. I have asian skin, a bit darker than olive.
Now, the upper lip is fine and skin looks normal after treatment, it did go red, but was normal after few hours.
However, the chin, is messed up! It went red and swollen after treatment. then went purple then scabbed. After the scabs fell off a week later, it went purple again. it has only been 2 weeks since my first treatment. the skin looks as if though it has been burnt. I have been putting vaselin on it. It looks liek it will scab and may be dry up and peel again. But i dont knwo why thsi has happened. coudl this be a pigmentation problem? and if so does anyone knwo what a pigmentation problem looks like. could my condition be a pigmentation problem or just a burn?
Please advice with any info as im so desperate, i feel so embarassed to go out and makeup makes it look darker.
thank you.