Help..infected ingrown hair

Help…I’m getting infected ingrowns when I epilate.
What am I doing wrong. I use tend skin and I exfoliate.
Has anyone else had this problem?

My legs look terrible, too. I’ve got lots of bumps w/ ingrown hairs [not infected, though]…

When I first started using the epilator, I loved only having to do it once a week. Now it never seems to get all the hairs and my legs are covered in bumps.

There’s got to be a better way…advice?



I recently stopped using an epilator when I too noticed the large red welt like bumps and ingrowns on my legs. Until I can afford (both financially & time wise) to invest in electrolysis, I’ll stick to waxing and using a pumice stone.

Epilating seemed great at first (bought mine several years back) but as time wore on, I definitely noticed a change in how the hairs grew back and in how my skin reacted. I’m not a fan of this hair removal method anymore.


Glad to know that at least I’m not the only one! Maybe some of us aren’t meant to use epilators. I know it’s got to do something with the hair breaking…but I don’t know how to stop that! Thanks ya’ll for the replies!

Help…I’m getting infected ingrowns when I epilate.
What am I doing wrong. I use tend skin and I exfoliate.
Has anyone else had this problem?

I’ve been Epilating for years and never had a problem.

I exfoilate everyday with a natural sponge(about a min on each area) in the shower and no problems what so ever. If I don’t Epilate well I would get them ingrowns, too.

I haven’t tried Tend skin as I don’t need it.

Since Waxing and epilating do the same thing (pull out the hairs), why would waxing not have the same effect as epilating? I should think a tweezer would get a better grip on the hair than wax, I’m always amazed waxing works at all. I would think if epilating gives you bumps, so would waxing.

Maybe you need a better (or newer) epilator. I just got the Emjoi Opti Max, and no, I have no interest in the company, but this is a great device. I had a Braun a year ago, and pitched it after a few uses. I got this to do my armpits, and now do my legs, pits, and arms with it. I, too, get some red bumps on my forearms, and ONLY there, my legs are beautifully smooth, even after epilating for the first time. I got bumps on my arms from shaving too, so I think its something with my arms. I do get lots of ingrown hairs there, and try to tweeze them out, which I think it making them look worse, but otherwise they appear infected. I’m hoping that repeated epilating will solve the problem over time, as opposed to shaving which never got better. I could wax my arms, but fail to see how that would make a difference. I have noticed that the fine new hairs have some trouble breaking the skin surface, so that may be the problem, though they should have to do that naturally, as hairs do fall out and re-grow. Like I said, my pits and legs are beautiful and smooth, and I am very pleased. I guess if you are blonde you can shave your pits, but otherwise, the hair will always show there, I am amazed at how many women don’t wax or epilate or laser their pits.

I have the emoji caress but I was thinking the same thing about maybe it’s time to try a different one. I ordered the emoji opti. I was looking at the Braun but from what you just stated I’m glad I didn’t. wish me luck

For people who notice a change overtime, I have found that it works well to set aside time twice a year to let your hair grow back for at least two weeks longer than you normally would between epilations. Keep exfoliating and moisturizing during this time. This lets your skin heal, and more importantly lets you get all your hair folicles back on the same cycle. I wait until I haven’t seen any little black spots signifying new hairs growing in for about a week, and then I epilate. My skin then looks as good as it did after the very first time I epilated, and it lasts much longer.

Guys …

I have one thing to say about Epilation - take is, destroy it, throw it in the garbage. Not only is it extremely addicting as people keep feeling to have to us it even if their legs are swelling up with bumps.

1st - the first sign of disaster pending - is itchy legs. that means there is hair under your skin, that is trying to get out but can’t - which means you will be irritating your skin itching in vain.

2nd - epilation increases your hair - personal experience 5 years ago. i still have the problem, not that menacing but my legs are still messed up.

3rd - epilation thickens and rounds off the tp of your hair which means it cant push though your skin.

4th - the constant scrubbing and exfoliation that you use to clear your skin, creates even thicker skin with time…kind of like they tell you not to over do it on your feet, else you get thick callous…the skin makes up for the lost dermis by overproduction…

5th - the worst part of epilation is what it does to the hair follical which waxing does not do - it bends it, messes it up, changes the shape of the hair follical…if you imagine your hair follical as a little cup that is sitting upward, now that you used epilation that little cup is maybe upside down, or sitting sideways and this is why you get those bumps…because the hair is growing into the wrong direction. This is the main cause of epilation ingrowns. This is almost unfixable even if you try and grow out your hair because you already bend and messed up the little cup’s shape.

  1. girls with curley or thicker hair are more prone to ingrowns…just to let you know.

alas…i am sorry guys you are facing this, i have had it for soooooo long and am still paingin about it. I started waxing 4 years ago, but since i messed up the hair follicle even waxing causes ingrowns now. fo rme its not as bad as it used to be, but my skin is not clear and I dont know when I am going to have clear legs again. I am now considering to use laser and simply deactivate all the hair follicels as possible the only option left.

What has been working for me

  1. Throw out the epilator, i know its hard. throw it out and never use it again.

  2. buy lavender oiled sea salt and scrub your legs with it once a week.

  3. let your hair grow out and eat some birth control pills to reduce hair production.

  4. every night rub your legs with glycerine, second option is baby oil. It softens the skin so that the hair that can grow out from the top, can come out.

  5. stop using needles to get out your hair, i know its tempting. We become pethetic needle addicts. i know this because I know others who resort to this.

  6. take regular bath or go to the steam room to soften your legs and scrub them gently. make sure you dont scrub yourself silly. remember what i said about overscrubbing…

good luck


oh…and remember…some people dont have legs.


How is using a rotary epilator different than waxing, sugaring, or threading? It’s all mass tweezing. The hair follicle doesn’t know how the hair was ripped out, just that it was ripped out.