HELP! i'm sooooooo depressed

thanks for taking the time to read this. i am so sick of this!

i have been seeing this woman for eight weeks now, six to eight hours a week. i have rather dense growth on my chin and some along the sides of my cheek.

i see alot of re-growth–but the ele’gst keeps saying hairs coming out of the’dorment rest stage’ and things like that. she does do something like plucking. galvanic is the method she uses.

i have been taking a mild antibiotic. i have some scabbing, some ingrown hairs.

shes been at this for 30+ years and seems to have quite a following. but i don’t feel like it is working at all. i know just about each and every hair and i know which are coming back–or is it really ‘dorment rest’ from which they are awaking?

i have read that shaving is what is to be done between treatments, and then others say not. she says not–god. you can imagine what this is like!

i know every painful detail about her faimly. she answers the phone during the session. i’m getting a pretty big resentment about this.

any suggestions?

i have tried everything from vanquia to laser. and if this doesn’t work not sure what to do! it seems such a luxurious problem, but it has been so emotionally troublesome for so long. it inhibits every part of my life. ahhhhh!!! i suspect many of you can relate.

so do i really have loads of hairs that have been snoozing in the ‘dorment rest stage’ or is she full of crap? i’m in this for so much money alreay! i don’t know if others would be the same or if she is the best we have in the area.

please offer any advice, suggestions, humor…

thanks for being here.

Quote “she answers the phone during the session”

Does she wash her hands or use an alcohol wash (quick) on her return from the call as a telephone is a notorius mouth to hand infection transmitter

staphylococcus, streptococcus and so on and all the other nasties can get on the hands quickly and easily and most important of all FRESHLY - watch out for her touching her nose and mouth if she does not have a mask then returning to your face especially if it has scabs and needle sticks could result in inection <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

yes hairs do grow cyclically but she can’t use this excuse indefinately :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh, I assume this is the only electrologist in your area. I hate to point fingers at my fellow electrolgists but it does sound bad. Regulations vary so widely and some people slip through the cracks.

Eight weeks is well within the normal growth cycle. It drove me nuts when, after the first clearing, the exact same number of hairs “came back”. But then I cleared those, and much fewer came back next time. Then none.


  • Eric

thanks for your messages!

just writing that note was enough for me to decide not to go back to her. i feel a lot better already.

she does wear a mask and gloves, but she touches the phone and her appt book and her pencils etc. etc. etc. and has to take her medication and this and that.

and each time she does all that i’m lying there thinking–i’m paying a dollar every sixty seconds!


taking the appts, etc. seemed odd to me, but then i didn’t know what to expect exactly. i tipped her 15% each visit which seemed reasonable to me as it is a service–is that standard?

> just to gripe a bit more…did i mention she was always late? literally, always late! she offered extra time at the end, but i could never count on what time i would get out of there!

if i were on the outside looking in on this message i’d be thinking ‘geeeeze honey, what were you thinking!’ guess i just wanted to believe that something would help.

i am glad that i at least got a start. i am trying to believe that one day it really will be gone.

thank you for your stories. if anyone has any words of wisdom or suggestions or humor about all of this, i’d love to hear from you.

thanks agian for the support.

I’m not sure if your question was clearly answered above, but yes, only at most 30% or so of the hair at any one time is in the growing stage, when the hair can actually be killed. so you will see dormant hairs resurface etc for a while, that’s why it takes 9-12 months to see results – that’s about when you should have caught most hairs in the growing phase.