Help! I have just purchased a no needle electrolysis in Europe

HELP! I hope someone can help! I have just purchased a no needle-electrolysis from Babyliss (Europe). I trusted this brand because a few years ago they were the ones who were making one touch (which I had used effectively)… So I thought to go back and order their latest electrolysis system couldn’t hurt… Only to find out that even after a few patch application the hair still resist! In other words, none of the hair comes out easily…basically to remove the hair you have to pull just as you would with any normal (no electrolysis) hair removal system!! Does that mean that this is not working?

I am so surprised (and disappointed) because babyliss used to make one touch!

Plus I would really appreciate if anyone has any idea where to order professional magnifying glasses (you know the ones that are worn by electrologists); they are worn just like glasses and they come with lights also… I am desperately looking to purchase one of those since they are so much practical to use than a regular magnifying glass! Thank you so much for your help!

For real electrolysis supplies go to:
or call Texas Electrolysis Supply @ 1-800-626-6025 and tell the wonderful people there that James and Andrea sent you :grin:

Go to our sister site, and read up on not only the scammers, but the scams themselves. That way, you will know what doesn’t work no matter what the bogus product or company is called.

I’ve had good experiences with Prestige Electrolysis Supply. They sell the first generation Edroy binocular loupe for a reasonably competitive price.

Thanks so much! Do you know where to purchase an “Edroy binocular loupe”? And do you have any idea of the price range? I have checked Texas electrolysis supply and their loupes are quite expensive (over $500) considering that this is just for home use…

Thanks again for your help!

Yes. Prestige Electrolysis Supply.

I tried that Edroy loupe (about $65), but couldn’t use it. They have a good returning policy, so you can try it too (only loosing on shipping (there and back)).

I’m interested in your feedback on that loupe. Was there something wrong with the design? Was the unit itself defective? Or was it some issue unique to you?

Dear Violette19:
"…because a few years ago they were the ones who were making one touch (which I had used effectively)… "
I want to buy the One touch also sp my questions are: :confused:
Where did you buy it in Europe? What do you mean by “Which I had used effectively”? Does it effective enough? Did it really work? How much time did it take on what parts of the body? Why did you stoped using it?