Help help i cant take this anymore- chest!

Ok heres some background info…

I am 18 and i have very fair skin with very thick brown/brownish hair. i tan but it takes about 1-3 days at the beach to get some results ( i look more like a lobster than anything!)

Anyhow i inherited very thich body hair, i have tried nair when my hair was wild on my chest, and it took some off but not all of it, so i was left looking like swamp thing, so then i shaved it off…

I tried Epil stop which was even worse and it burned my damned nipples!!

So i have resorted to shaving with my mach3 razor, and the day i shave its great but already the next day hair is coming out, i have bad razor burns, and some pimples( which i dont get if i dont shave) Anyhow now after 1-2 days after shaving im stubly to hell, and it looks like i have millions of black dots on my chest ( just imagine me with fair skin, black/brownish hair and having stuble)

I found a bottle of UHA Sport that i started using on my chest then read this website and found out its basically useless…?

SO what can i do, i want to get rid of my hair so i am smooth on my chest and look attractive to girls.

When i have chest hair ( full growth) you cant see my ab muscles or chest muscles, but once i shave it off its like im a new person with a six pack and a nice body…

I am going to college so right now laser hair removal is NOT AN OPTION.

Please please please tell me what i can do…

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Richard…just so you know, many of us women actually prefer men with chest hair.

Hair removal can be pretty frustrating…if cost is an issue, maybe you could try waxing or epilating? I have always had much success with both except for the ingrown hairs. Some people are more succeptible to ingrowns than others, at this point you may not know if you are going to have that problem or not. The other major drawback is that it can be quite painful (especially if you aren’t used to it) and it will probably leave your skin a bit irritated for a short timen afterward.

On the upside, it lasts significantly longer than shaving.

Good Luck! :smile:

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I’m with dragonfly. If laser’s not an option, I’d try a pro waxing to see how you like it. After that, you can try it yourself (takes some practice), or get a rotary epilator (which can sometimes hurn more than waxing).

And worst case, plenty of girls do like chest hair! :wink:

But even if i do wax my chest wont it get stubly again in like 2 days??

And how much does it cost and where do i get it done??

Waxing does not leave stubble, because the hairs are removed roots and all. Any new hairs or returning hairs will have a tapered end and will feel softer that shaved hairs.

The only drawback to waxing is additional cost, pain, and possible side effects like red bumps that last a day or so and ingrown hairs if you don’t wash the area properly between treatments.

Any salon that offers waxing can do your chest.

All salons do men?

My luck ill get some pretty girl who does it, lol.

All salons will do male chest hair, but many salons will not do hair removal of a private nature for men. If you have more questions about this aspect, please post it in the Mature Topics forum.

Richard, how long have you been shaving your chest? Be patient, your skin will adapt to it. I would also suggest trying the new Mach3 Turbo. It is significantly better than the regular Mach3, which was good in it’s own right. I also recommend using Edge Pro Gel tough beard formula.

I’ve never been waxed so I can’t give any advice on it but it will definitely last longer than shaving, maybe even up to 4 weeks.

BTW, you will discover that most college aged guys shave their chests, especially when they go to the beach. In addition to looking better, it is way more comfortable in hot weather. I know when my chest was really hairy it was like wearing a wool sweater!

Hope this helps.


Oh i know alot of people shave i dont care about that, its just i have to share 1 bathroom with 4 guys and i dont think i would be able to shave my chest every 1-2 days thats very tough.

I have been shaving for maybe 3-4 weeks everytime i shave it off about once a week ( i try to let it go until i go right before beach) it get shorrid ingrown hair and bumps pimples etc.

Hehe andrea i have no questions about private hair removal :wink:
Whats new in mach 3 turbo?



Rich, you might try a product called Tend Skin for ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Wow thats expensive, do i just splash it on how do i do it?? Seems like id be shelling out 50 bucks a month?

Rich- You don’t have to use much of the Tend Skin at a time…you can use a cotton ball to apply a bit to the treated area. So far I have found the best price on Tend Skin through a seller on ebay. Of course, if anyone can recommend a less expensive supplier, I’d love to hear about it! :smile:

Tend Skin will make your skin peel, so you will have to make sure to moisturize well while using it.

The Mach3 Turbo has thinner blades with less friction. The rubber strip (microfins) that stretches the skin is supposed to work better too. It is a definite improvement over the Mach3 which was a good razor to begin with.

If you shave more often your skin will adapt quicker, it will take less time to shave and you will have fewer ingrown hairs.

If time is a major roadblock, waxing may be the way to go.


I just shaved again and this time my upper chest in certain areas was bleeding alot i guess from the previous ingrown hairs??? How do i stop that it looks pretty bad.

You should not shave skin that’s broken out.

If you’re having a lot of problems and prefer shaving over epilation, you might consider using an electric shaver on broken skin. I’t less likely to cause irritation.

Tend Skin can often help heal ingrowns. You may also be using too much pressure when shaving. That’s a common mistake.

Hmmm ok so less pressure, i also use gillete shaving gel… and hot water?

Do it at the end of a long shower. Let the area soak in warm water. Don’t do it over the skin. Be very careful around the nipples. Many people have naturally-occurring small bumps around this area, caused by structures in the skin.

Use Tend Skin between shavings and exfoliate in the shower.

And will tendskin help the shadows?

You should epilate if you want to reduce the shadow.

Epilating would make me into swamp thing i have so much hair i think its impossible