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Dying for help??? I’m thinking of getting laser hair remover but I got a very big confusion in how it all work now. So post I saw say it take up to 5-6 treatments for total hair remover… but why am I reading post where people are saying they had 20 treatments already….??? Really scare!!! I`m light skin and black hair really good for laser hair remover… anyone knows a good client for laser hair remover around san jose…??/ what type of machine of hair remove is good for me…??? Help please I don’t want to waste $5000 on something that don’t work…?

If you don’t have $5,000 to spend on a maybe, then you should be doing electrolysis. Depending on what you need to have removed, electrolysis would be the hands down first choice anyway.

You are also very close to:

Arcy Barajas RE
A Hair Less/Union St. Electrolysis
1618 Union St., Suite 305
San Francisco,CA 94123
Phone: (415) 931-7062

A Hair Less Electrology - East Bay/Alameda
1416 Everett Street
Alameda, CA 91501
Phone: (510) 865-5963

For most people with good hair/skin color for laser (sounds like you), 5-6 treatments with a good laser and good technician should realize very favorable results (90-100% permanent reduction), based on my personal experience as a patient. The treatments should be spaced about 4-8 weeks apart (depending on your hair growth rate). Poor scheduling or fewer treatments will not yield permanent results; the same goes for electrolysis. If someone is needing 20 treatments, either their hair/skin is not a good candidate for laser, a poor choice of laser is being used, or the tech is not very competent.

However, some skin areas that are darker (tanned or naturally) will not yield good results and some laser centers don’t use the best machines and the techs many not be so concerned with your results as their own pocketbook, so there are things to watch out for.

Electrolysis generally will have a higher success rate, but it is possible to go to a professional tech that still doesn’t know what they’re doing and you could spend years and lots of money for no results (look at the recent postings under the Electrolysis forum).

Laser generally takes less of your time (fewer treatments that cover large areas faster). Both ways will cost you a bunch of money, but when successful, you’ll feel it was worth it.