Help! hair high on cheekbones (male)

I’m a pretty hairy guy (with dark hair and pale skin), and I’m pretty cool with that when it comes to back/chest/chin/etc hair - but the cheekbone/eye area is where I’m tempted to draw the line. Apparently, at some point in the past I made that fatal hirsute guy shaving error of “shaving too high” - chasing semi-peachfuzz hairs higher and higher up the cheekbones. Talk about things they should really be teaching us in high school.

Present situation: on each cheekbone I have about 15 thick/black hairs (about 1/8" long after 3 weeks growth), as well as lots of blonde peachfuzz. Above these patches of black hair (just above the cheekbone) is still more peachfuzz, ending in no peachfuzz right by the eye. Below these patches of black hair is stubble from daily shaving. The peachfuzz doesn’t bother me in the slightest (it’s practically invisible), but I’m worried it won’t be peachfuzz for long if I shave/pluck/wax it.

Question: If I shave the cheekbones (every day, like the rest of my face) the black hairs will turn into stubble (I’m fine with that) and the peachfuzz will get thicker and thicker until it too is stubble - right? Stubble on the cheekbones is acceptable to me. But what about the peachfuzz area just above the cheekbones? If I draw an imaginary line and shave below the line every day (but never touch the hairs above the line), what will the area above the line look like? I’m tempted to think (based on past experience and urban rumor) that the peach fuzz just above the line will slowly become thicker…until it too needs shaving and the line gets higher and higher. Hence, the “you shaved too high in the past remarks”. Is there any truth to these rumors/explanations?

Or am I going about this in the wrong way? Maybe wax/pluck/electrolysis (laser too expensive) is better than shaving?

Thanks to all for any thoughts/experiences.

I’ve had a somewhat similiar experience. I noticed the peach fuzz growing on my cheekbones, I avoided shaving that area. I finally got a home waxing kit, and got rid of the fuzz. It grew back as fuzz the first few times I waxed. Now, it seems like nothing is growing back at all, not even the fuzz…maybe the hairs are in dormancy?..I don’t know. I’ll post an update in a few weeks.