help....had 6 treatment at american laser using AURORA i guess..

AS the subject says, ive had 6 treatments on my back and shoulders at the american laser. I believe they use the Auora or the light sheer technology. Ive had some reduction of hair. I have a type 4 skin with black hair (not too dense). I was wondering that settings is good for a person like me. I think they used 20 last time.

with type IV skin, they may be able to use LightSheer on you, which might give better results than Aurora. Do you experience shedding after treatments? what has the result been so far after 6?

I have had decent results with the Aurora. However, I’ve got skin type II to III and brown hair. Even with that, they were using the max settings after the second treatment. With your darker skin, I will have to concur with LAgirl.

umm,im not sure whether they used light sheer OR aurora on me. WHat do they use at american laser? ive had significant reduction to my shoulders and so-so on my back. Cant really tell as i just had my 6th treatment. WHat do u guys suggest is the best laser machine for my type of skin? i wanted to get my chest done, so was thinking if i have any other alternative. All the help is really appreciated.

sorry. i forgot to ask one thing. What kinda setting should they be using on me? I think i saw a 20 on the machine.

settings depend on the machine. they’re not uniform across machines, so we can’t tell how high 20 is or whether it’s even the joules or another setting. there are various settings on the machine. you will probably get better results with the LightSheer. some locations of this chain have both Aurora and LightSheer. You really need to ask them to find out what they used and at what settings before we can offer our opinion.

gotcha…Ill get some more info next time and let u know. Thats for the info lagirl <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />