help for laser and electrolysis in indianapolis

Hi! With the help of contributors on this site, I have finally decided that the best compliment to my treatment of PCOS to get rid of my hair would be electrolysis on my chin/lip and laser on my bikini line and legs…

Unfortunately, my sister was diagnosed with cancer and i moved from dc to indianapolis to be with her for chemo. She is in remission THANKFULLY and i am now ready to start hair treatments in indianapolis. I was hoping someone had recommendations for a good electrolysis place/person and a good laser place. I have dark hair and fair skin so im assuming i should use the alexandrite laser?? I read about one place that uses sciton, would that be effective on people with hair issues from pcos?

Thanks for any help!! Cant wait to get this taken care of!!

Yeah, if you can find a GentleLASE or similar, it works beautifully! Definitely ouchie though.