help for hyperpigmentation?

I have had three Lyra laser treatments on my upper lip (the last was in March 2003) and I seem to have a “5 o’clock” shadow" that does not go away. I had the treatment done by an MD and am sure he is very experienced. I have olive skin and dark hair and tan easily (i noticed it gets worse when I tan). Is there anything I can do? Is this permanent? I used to bleach the hair and never had a problem with that dreaded shadow. My doctor mentioned a prescription for bleach but I have very sensitive skin. I have tried makeup but cannot stand the way it looks. Any advice out there.


ps–thanks, Andrea…this website has been very helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had 6 IPL treatments and I too have severe hyperpigmentation above my lip. It looks like I have a dark mustache but there is no hair. Makeup only makes it looks worse. I don’t know what to do. It’s ugly! Just when I started to think it was fading I went to California and I did put sunblock on that area it all came back and it’s dark again :frowning: I have read in other posts that it fades after 6 mo. If mine does fade during that time period, will it just come back as soon as I go into the sun? Is there anything we can put on this to help speed the fading time? I know what you are going through Cherub. If you find anything out please let me know. I will do the same :slight_smile: Good Luck!


It does seem to get worse in the sun–i use 30spf only in that area and then 8 on the rest of my face to try to even it out. I have also started using tea tree oil–which seems to make it a little better–but it may just be fading since I haven’t been in the sun in two weeks.

I have had two laser treatments on the bikini area with the Gentlase Plus laser. That pigmentation that you are talking about on your face----I already have one over my upper lip, naturally. I’m considering having the hair removed there. I want to be certain that’s not going to happen to me—cause the tanned mustache already bothers me.

please advice and inform me…
i have had one lyra laser treatment done on upper lip and chin. I have asian skin, a bit darker than olive.
Now, the upper lip is fine and skin looks normal after treatment, it did go red, but was normal after few hours.
However, the chin, is messed up! It went red and swollen after treatment. then went purple then scabbed. After the scabs fell off a week later, it went purple again. it has only been 2 weeks since my first treatment. the skin looks as if though it has been burnt. I have been putting vaselin on it. It looks liek it will scab and may be dry up and peel again. But i dont knwo why thsi has happened. coudl this be a pigmentation problem? and if so does anyone knwo what a pigmentation problem looks like. could my condition be a pigmentation problem or just a burn?
Please advice with any info as im so desperate, i feel so embarassed to go out and makeup makes it look darker.
thank you.