Help find local LHR contact in OC CA

Hi. I’m a 37 year-old white male with dark, medium thickness hair with slightly darker skin (italian). I’m between a 3-4 on the type scale. I’ve got excessive hair (italian again!) on my back and shoulders. Does anyone have any suggestions for a LHR rookie? I’m located in North Orange County, CA. My wife isn’t totally on-board with me wanting to get LHR because of the $. But, I’m determined to be mostly hair-free at some point. I saw a Epila Laser Hair Remover on eBay. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

all those home hair removal products are mostly scams or ineffective. it is possible to treat this hair with laser, but an experienced tech with a good laser for your skin type (LightSheer diode or alexandrite type laser like GentleLASE or Apogee) and at high settings. Please read the FAQs section at the top of this forum. Haven’t seen too many recommended places in the OC. There are a few in Los Angeles. Run a search on this forum for info. If the hair is not dark, dense, and coarse, electrolysis might be better option. Either way, if you want complete removal, it’s best to star with laser, but you will still need to finish with electrolysis for remaining finer more sparse growth.