Help! Epil Pro for a year, distorted hair!


I’m new to this. I have been really upset lately.

I had been going for “Epil-pro” treatments for about a year; it’s where they tweeze the hair with sound waves apparently, but I felt like it was the hair inhibitor applyed for three days after it that was doing the main work. It was so costly. I kept noticing little black marks in my skin, and some of the hairs looked “dead”… like black all the way through without a root kinda. It’s hard to explain. My skin was never perfect after it ever anyway. So I have stopped that and the amount of ingrown hairs I get after shaving, tweezing or whatever is unbelievable. I just feel like my skin and the way the hair on my face grows, is ruined. It’s a constant battle. Even if I just trim, my skin is still red, like they’re ingrown. When I tweeze them the hair shape is kinda distorted, either twisted or curled. And this is every one! I keep using “Tend Skin” which helps a little.

I dont know what to do, I went to see a dermalologist but she didnt understand what I was meaning. I have another appointment booked for later this month, but what do I say? Shaving my skin is a no no as I am so sensitive. Does electrolysis release ingrown hairs? Would it benefit me overall? What do I do? I’ve heard of Retin A… would that be of any help? My hairs are too light for laser treatment.

Please help, thanx.


Hi Ingrown_Ric! :smile:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Epil-Pro is a scam. People have claimed electric tweezers can achieve permanent hair removal for almost half a century, but there is absolutely no medical proof of this.

If the hairs are curled just at the tip, they are having a hard time getting out of the skin and getting ingrown. You should definitely do more exfoliating and moisturizing.

For a permanent solution, get electrolysis. You must have a metal probe inserted into the follicle to achieve permanent hair removal.