well as you can probably see i´m new at this, i have slightly dark skin, but the references i´ve seen go in completely opposite directions some say great, some say it doesn´t work. any clues?
i chose this method because it´s suppossed to ber one of the safest for my skin type right?

Ther are 2 different ND:YAG lasers

The Q Switched ND:YAG (quick switched) laser does NOT give a permanent reduction of hair. This one is for tattoo removal.
Example machines: Softlight

The Long pulse ND:YAG laser is good for hair removal especially if you´re tanned.
Example macines: altus coolglide (look at

So be aware of the difference!

If you look for a treatment there are 2 important things:

  1. Good and experienced practitioner (referal?)

  2. Look for a good laser, for example Altus Coolglide. This type of machine with a long pulse ND:YAG Laser are especially good for people with a dark skin.

I thought you said that you have tanned skin?
Light tanned skin (olive) could probably also use a diode laser (like a Lumenis Lightsheer).

I have an olive tanned skin and they removed my beard with a Lightsheer.

So maybe you can also get a treatment with an Lightsheer or another diode laser. It depends if your skin is olive tanned or black etc.

Here´s a working link to altus (for info)

Take some time and read other stories on this board. So you´ve got some base knowledge.

I hope to hear from you!!

Thanks for the great posts, gregor! You beat me to it!