Help! Could IPL have damaged my eyes?

Hi, I am really worried. I have had IPL on my eyebrows (6 treatments) where they covered my eyes with small grey sticky pads and said that would protect my eyes. I have developed black ‘floaters’ in my vision in the past two weeks and have had this checked out by an eye doctor. They could not explain why this has happened in someone my age. Since seeing the eye doctor I started wondering about the IPL and looked this up online. I found lots of scary stuff about lasers and IPL and eye damge. Now I am really concerned - I can handle it if the damage is limited to what has happened already but could it get worse over time? does anyone know? I feel so angry with the clinic if I am right and this has caused permanent damage, and angry with myself for not researching this properly and maybe getting eye damage for the sake of vanity. Has anyone else had floaters after having IPL?

Thanks for your help

I also have these black floaters, but as far as I know they have nothing to do with laser. I went to an eye doctor as soon as I started to notice them, and he told me that this is a very normal thing, most people have it, but they simply don’t notice it. Inside our eyes, between the cornea and the retina, there is a liquid, kind of a gel, and as we get older parts of this liquid becomes solid, forming little “balls”. When we look at something, the light enters our eyes and passes through this liquid and reaches the retina, where the image is formed. So, these black floaters that you see is actually a shadow that is cast on you retina by these small, liquid “balls”. I hope I could make it clear for you.

the way IPL could damage your eyes is by looking directly at the light from it. if you didn’t do that and your eyes were covered with protective glasses etc, that wasn’t the cause.

The floaters probably have nothing to do with the IPL, but check with your eye doctor if you have any doubts.

Personally, I would not have IPL done that close to my eyes.


Thanks for your replies everyone. As you say it could be nothing to do with the IPL but I think the idea of speaking to my eye doctor about it anyway is a good one.