Help buying a pro machine

Hello there,

I would like to buy a professional machine.
Ebay seems the place to be but…
Am I allowed to ask for help here in terms of what to buy without getting ripped off?
I am after a machine that will do blend and possibly on the cheap side.



Welcome mercmobily!

There are many that may share information with you. Keep in mind, this is not a site that will train you to do electrolysis. If you can find some books or youtube videos or read past posts on this site, maybe you will figure out some basic principles.

Attending a training program would be the best thing to do. It’s not so easy removing hair, but some people catch on quickly.

Thanks for the answer!
I am willing to learn, and a fast learner :smiley:
What I am asking is some hand-holding to find a good blend machine on ebay in the $500 range that I can order before the end of the week.
I have time to learn, and I am in absolute no rush!

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An old Clareblend would be awesome.

I found this one. It’s a bit over my budget but it looks great…

Shall I just buy it?

Or… shall I put a bid on this one?

Hummm the first one is not Blend, and the second one is not even an electrolysis machine (sorry, my bad)
I guess the hunting continues!


OK this one does blend:

Are there any good reason why I should not buy this machine?



well it was built in the 70’s. If it’s not working or calibrated correctly you will have a hard time finding someplace to service it. Texas Electrolysis Supply will however .these come up for sale on kijiji in quebec quite frequently for $100-$200 so they arent worth much .

maybe something like this:

or like this:

WOW the Apilus Junior seems to be the perfect price and the perfect machine!
The only problem is that my French sucks. I can speak English, Italian and Spanish, so I found my way around and sent a message in French.

Now it’s a matter of talking to the seller and seeing if they are willing to post it to Australia… right?

actually I dont even know if that’s a good idea.

Are the austrailian power system compatible with Canadian ones ( 110v 60 hz) ?

Kijiji is a local market, think of it like craigslist or the US ( I’ve no idea what the equivelent would be in aus but could ask some of my clients from there) . I’ve shipped stuff from quebec with no issues but I have no idea how you would do this to austrailia.
I also have no idea if austrailia is a licensed area, in which case you might have trouble importing a machine as a DIY’er.

Australia is not a licensed country, so there should be no issues with the product passing customs. The voltage difference will be an issue, so a converter is necessary, though I’m not sure what effect this would have on the machine.

The main concern will be processing payment and delivery from a private seller across the other side of the world. You will have no legal recourse if the package is damaged or lost in transit, if the machine is broken or isn’t as advertised, or the seller may simply choose to take your money and not send anything.

A second-hand Apilus is difficult to find in Australia. The easiest blend-capable machine to find second-hand in Australia is the Sterex SX-B. This is not because the machine is bad; it definitely does everything it needs to. It just happens to be one of the least expensive machines you can buy in this market. A lot of beauticians attempt to offer electrolysis services, and then realise it’s either too difficult, too time consuming, or not as profitable as other services, so they sell the machine usually for half price.

You can find them on FB marketplace, eBay or Gumtree. This is pretty much the only brand of machine that is still in production and regularly available second-hand here.

Sorry to say your choices here are limited. I like the SX-B though…


Alright, I bought an SX-B and it’s in the mail for me!
Now, it’s time to learn.

I am an engineer, a fast learner, and am eager to get this right. If you have any hints, please let me know.

Thank you for the hint! It cost me a little more than I would have liked, but well, I’ve done it!

Boy do I recognize that enthusiasm.
keep asking those questions. You may want to invest in a copy of “The Blend Method” it’s available from Texas Electrolysis Supply ( $42 us if I recall correctly ) .


You don’t miss a beat.

The SX-B is simple to use, but if you do have an questions about the machine, I’ll happily try to provide whatever limited support I can. The best “hint” is lighting, magnification and please buy some nice tweezers.


Thank you so much. This is a long term project for me, where there is no hurry.
I would love to have a 1:1 session (paid!) with somebody here in Perth where they show me the basics. But at this stage I am starting to wonder whether there are competent people here…

There are one or two fairly competent electrologists in Australia, Christine OConnell( sydney) and Nora ( Melbourne I think) but christine at least tells me there are very few really great electrologists.Most are only doing it as an add on to their laser practices and put very little effort to the electrolysis side

That is precisely my experience here in Perth.

Welcome, and congrats on the purchase! Please keep us updated on your progress!

Will do! Right now I am just waiting for the machine, and getting ready for the journey… :smiley: