help buy laser for home use

Hi, this is my first time post on this forum. I have been reading this forum for sometime. You ppl are really doin a marvellous job. I wanted to ask is it safe to buy some products from this site


[instanthairremoval dot com]

The two productd are included in the list of products provided by andrea “warning buying from ebay”.

But on their site they have claimed that they are offering FDA approved products?.So tell me are these products really FDA approved or not.

Just Pay-Pal me the money at and at least know that scammers are not getting your money. Of course, you can join the the club with these victums if you dare.…SSID=#Post26633…=true#Post26276…=true#Post19580

Now after reading all that, do you still have the same question?

The fact that they sell the Vector scam is a good indication of the quality of their wares.