Help! Any tips for light brown skinned women with "shadows"?


Does anyone have any tips to get rid of upper lip “shadows”? I have light brown skin and thick, naturally curly, dark brown hair. After using a razors to get rid of upper lip hair, I just realized that my skin is a getting grayish discoloration. I’m usually a very secure young girl, but lately it’s been really hard to show my face out in public. I afraid that someone will look close enough to see that I have the same dark looking shadow that most men have. I was thinking of using a bleaching cream, but I’m worried that it’ll just give the hair a lighter brown color. Depilitories definitely won’t work because because the hair is so course. Sorry for writing so much, but I just need to find out something to do about this problem. Just thought that there would be someone in this forum who could at least give any suggestions. :frowning:


If the darkness is caused by hair that’s visible under the skin, you should remove the hair root and all. You can do a temporary method like plucking, but some women do not respond to plucking and waxing well. In fact, some get changes in their skin color in the area.

If you can afford it, I recommend looking into electrology with someone good, who has done a lot of women with your skin tone or darker. In the long run, it’s probably cheaper and easier to get them as they come in, especially since you note that you’re younger.

If the darkness appears to be the skin and not the hair, you should talk to a dermatologist about cosmetic options. In some cases, a good exfoliant and moisturizer are enough to fix it, but in other cases, you may need skin lighteners or peels. These should all be done with great caution by the best person you can find, since you are prone to color change on your skin.


Thanks for the tip Andrea. I’ll try and see if it’s possible to find someone good in dermatology. I tried plucking before posting the previous request, but the skin turned to a slightly darker shade. Hope it doesn’t cost too much to get an appointment or two. Would you or anyone know the average cost of electrology sessions by any chance?

Again, thanks for the advice. I sort of didn’t expect to get reply so quickly. :slight_smile:


Electrolysis usually costs about a dollar a minute, but can range from 50 cents a minute to over $2.00 a minute depending on where you live and the reputation of the practitioner. Again, it’s really important that you choose carefully, since electrolysis can sometimes darken the skin, too. I recommend doing a small test somewhere besides your face to be safe. :smile:


Ok, I’ll try that. I didn’t know it costs so little for it. Just hope it wouldn’t take too many minutes. Testing it out somewhere else is a very good idea. I’ll do that. Thanks :smile:


They do one hair at a time and can usually only do a few hairs per minute. A test patch will give you an idea of how many hairs you can do per minute.