help! any good electrologist in Delaware?

Please refer a good electrologist in Wilmington,Newark or surrounding areas. I have seen a couple but they rn’t very good.
Thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:

About 30-40 minutes from you in Wilmington, just up route 202.


Michele :slight_smile:

Thanks michele. The drive shouldnt be a problem.
By the way, i noticed on her website that the lady uses galvanic only? Is that suppose to be the slowest method?
Im just asking cause im a guy and need to get large areas done.
Anyways, thanks for the referal and will definitely check her out. :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately for you, Galvanic is the slowest form of electrolysis, requiring roughly one minute or more per hair. A master of the modality confirmed my math in the “statistical Limits of Electrolysis” article that said 60 to 100 hairs per hour would be considered fast in straight galvanic. Blend would get you up to 250 to 350 hairs per hour, and thermolysis would burst you into the possibility of reaching numbers above 500 hairs per hour. ( One thousand hairs per hour is not impossible in thermolysis.)

I must say that I am disappointed in this practitioner’s unfortunate choice to characterize blend and thermolysis a unsafely burning the skin, while “GalvEp” (trademarked?) is a precisely targeted system. This seems to suggest that she either doesn’t know, or is purposely misleading people about the other forms of hair removal. Blend uses the same, exact form of hair removal as galvanic method, it is only faster due to the catylizing effect of the small microbursts of thermolysis engergy. While thermolysis DOES use the vibration of radio frequency to cause the moisture in the follicle to heat up and the resulting vapors to flash cook the targeted area, it is only out of control if one uses too much energy, and/or the insertions are poorly made.

as always, thank you James for the insight :). This is the prime reason this website is just amazing.
Thanks again.