This is my first post - I read Jaclyn’s post with a smile cos I’m sick of it all as well :grin: I saw the Ultra Hair Away ad on the internet and looked into it but I must say I’m sceptical. But does anyone know anything about Liquid Electrolysis by Global Electrolysis Supply? It sounds different to all the others because it uses Sodium Hydroxide to destroy the hair. Anyone know anything? Or am I just getting my hopes again?

Anyway, nice to meet you all.


Welcome, skyboy!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Liquid Electrolysis is a scam, like Ultra Hair Away.

Hairfacts: Global Electrolysis Supply fraud

Hairfacts: Liquid Electrolysis scam


I’ve tried Epil-stop, as well as Nad’s hair removal. Neither worked very well. I also looked into laser hair removal, but my aunt (who is a doctor) said she wouldn’t recommend it due to the fact it can ruin your skin. So, I was looking into the E-pen stuff, and that actually looked like it could work, but you said it was a scam. So what do you suggest I use for getting rid of unwanted hair? :confused:


That’s the first I’ve ever heard of laser (used correctly) ruins the skin. Your aunt may be referring to early experience or the use of lasers with unsuitable patients.

For example, using a flashlamp or alexandrite laser on freshly tanned skin would definitely cause problems. Using a laser at maximum fluence on an African American with dark skin would cause problems.

Most medical treatments, whatever the area, can cause problems if they are abused.

I do not believe that lasers used on suitable patients by qualified and experienced practitioners working under the supervision of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon would ruin the skin.

Ask your aunt for evidence and scientific studies that show lasers ruining the skin.

IMHO the only good alternatives to laser hair removal are electrolysis and shaving. And electrolysis is not practical for large areas. For example it would take years to do someone’s back with electrolysis.



Sarbearbh18 , if you’re seeking to reduce the amount of hair you have permanently, the only methods with published clinical data that they can achive this are electrolysis and laser.

Skyboy, your aunt is right that lasers used incorrectly can cause scarring. So can electrolysis. The problem with permanent hair removal is killing the hair’s growth cells while sparing surrounding tissue. That’s easier said than done. Undertreat, and the effect isn’t permanent. Overtreat, and you can get a permanent injury, too.

Both laser and electrolysis are safe and effective in the right hands. Unfortunately, these devices are sometimes in the wrong hands, and that’s when consumers get bad results. That’s why it’s so important to get a good practitioner after careful research.