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Hello,have been recieving laser treatments for the last year and 1/2 i am a male skin type 3 late 20,s and am trying to have the hair removed on my back.I have been treated with the lyra for 5 treatments and now the gentalase for the last 4 treatments.I do think i have had some reduction in the amount of hair but not too much for 9 treatments.My question is on the male back is there such thing as mid-line hormone issue in males.I guess this means that these ares will not respond to laser treatment because they are so heavily influenced by hormones making them impossible to destroy?.If so should i give up on laser treatments all together.The place i goto now is a great place and the treat me great .I have been told that after a few more treatments the hair will be destroyed and they are very optimistic.I am beeing treated with very high fluences and it seems like the hair just keeps coming back.Any opinions on what to do?


Yours is a typical experience with laser. Some get it a little better, others worse. This topic was just discussed in “Question for James - Electrolysis v. Laser” yesterday, as well as in many other posts on this board. If you could read James’s post there.

In short, laser hair removal cannot make any concrete promises. The only thing that you can know for sure that you will not get permanent hair removal in that area. I know people who were given guarantees that they’ll be finished in 6 to 8 laser sessions, and another promise was given after 10 sessions, and another one after 14. After that the client didn’t come back for more promises.

Read www.hairfacts.com about objective laser research before you shell out more money on it.

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