Hello, I am new and would like any advice

I was looking for a solution to my problem and stumbled up on this website. I am just frustrated and depressed about my body hair. I have coarse thick hair on my tummy, my bikini line, breast and even chin. It’s so embarassing being a young women and having this problem. When I shave my hair grows back that same day. I’m a college student so I don’t have lot of money, but I don’t want to look like a freak to. I now have ingrown hairs and severe razor bumps on my chin, tummy and bikini line where I shave. I am obessed with this problem. I just wonder what I should do. I mean I’d be willing to put myself in debt just not to have to this horrible problem. I would go get a was but would they actually be able to wax my hair. It’s so so so so coarse and tough. All my hair is like this. I cut the hair on my head and it grows back within the week it seems. Any recommendations or books or anything. My doctor doesn’t seem to care to much about my excess hair so I feel real stuck.

Hey dundun
Find a good electrologist and start working on your chin. I was going to have laser then decided on electrolysis in the end, just less risk I think. I looked at the hairfacts site to decide who was good and not so good, then took a day off work and made a whole day of consultations!! Was good like that cos everyone was easier to remember and compare.

I wouldn’t wax if I were you, cos it can make it worse.

I am probably going to get into debt as well, but it is well worth it. I don’t care If I have to eat lentils for years after, will at least not have to worry bout plucking, bleaching, having a moustache and being a young woman as well!!

good luck


Also you have come to the right place as everyone here is going through the same thing as you or has gone through it and is now hair free.

Electrolysis is the only permanent method and i it will change the way you feel about yourself if you do something about this problem.


Hello dundun1021,

I would suggest not to go into debt. But try other ways of shaving, perhaps a different shaving method, shaving cream or blades. There are ways to shave that won’t leave razor bumps or cuts. And some products can help reducing the ingrown hairs.

Go into debt would make your life hard in the future.

Just one more thought, you can apply foundation and concealer to coverup the razor bumps.