Hello Hairtell

Hey guys new member here. It’s obvious why I joined this site, so let me get right to it.

I’m 19, male and hairy. It’s probably genetics, because my Dad is also pretty hairy. I’ve got hair along my forearms, thighs, lower legs, abdomen, chest, and the bum cheeks. I wouldn’t mind, if it wasnt for the fact that the hair in these particular areas is really dark, super thick and fast growing. I’m relatively light skinned, so it really stands out. Naturally, I’ve become really conscious. I feel like an ape to put it bluntly. I dont own a single pair of shorts. I just can’t be happy with my body. So one day, I decided to grow some nuts and do some shaving. I shaved my chest and abdomen. And it looked great! Until it started growing back really fast and started to become prickly. The next issue I have is with my legs. I want to reduce the hair, but not get rid of it completely. (Macho issues) I just wish there was some easy way to to thin the hair, or to reduce the density of the hair. If I use a trimmer to shorten them, it’ll become REALLY prickly. I’ve got more to say, but I guess this wall of text is enough for now. Thanks for hearing me out.

Welcome to the forum. You have a bunch of options here.

Since you’re 19, you should be aware that you’ll probably be developing new hair into your late 20s at least. So whatever permanent hair removal method you use now would work, but you’d likely need some touchups later in life.

Also, the hair you describe is very normal on males. You may feel out of place because some of the other men your age haven’t developed it yet.

What is your ethnicity? “Light skin” is a subjective term.

Trimming hair with a trimmer shouldn’t make the hair very prickly. Shaving is more likely to do that. Many men trim their leg hair and their chest hair. So that’s a good inexpensive temporary option.

Also, the hair is only prickly after shaving until it grows out again to full length. Then it becomes the same. The reason is that the part of the hair shaft where you cut the hair is thicker than the tip.

Waxing is another temporary option. Many men do this as well.

If you want to start saving for laser hair removal, do read our FAQs at the link below first. Certain parameters are necessary to follow to get good results. Laser will work on any hair that’s coarse and dense and dark. You can only reduce the number of hairs and make it finer with only a few laser treatments.

Electrolysis is the only permanent option for any finer hair.

May I suggest trimming for your chest with clippers? It works wonders, and with the right length adjustment, it won’t get stubbly at all.

You could always try waxing, but be aware you’re win for a WORLD OF PAIN. And that’s coming from a guy who takes heavy blows to the head and chest on a daily basis!

Ethnicity=Middle Eastern. That should explain things.

I’ll be sure to check out the faqs during my free time. I don’t need electrolysis for fine hairs, heck, if all my hair WAS fine I wouldn’t be here. Also, do the faqs discuss the usage of personal laser/electrolysis devices? I know they are no where near as good as going to a professional, but are they good for a few areas here and there?

Where can I get more info on clippers? Thanks for the support.

Since you’re middle eastern, you’ll have to get some test spots to see whether you’re light enough for an alex laser, as it’s the most powerful. You’re probably in between skin types, so test spots are necessary to determine this.

Home laser products aren’t powerful enough to produce permanent removal. It’s possible to learn to do electrolysis on your own, but it’s a huge commitment and it will take time to be good at it. Most people don’t have the necessary patience. You remove hair once by one and it takes a while to learn to make good insertions that actually kill hair. It’s not practical for large areas or very coarse dense hair.