Hello all, I'm so happy to have found this board! r/o



My story is that I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to seriously consider getting laser hair removal as it is expensive and having heard the horror stories about the pain involved.

However, after noticing that my sideburns which I wax are starting to require more work towards the cheeks and jaw, I figured I need to fix this now and get back to a life that doesn’t require 24-7 “hair patrol” which includes countless hours of waxing and tweezing. I’m sure everyone here understands this and more.

Oddly enough, from waxing my legs over the years, I have pretty much minimal growth and I only wax now about twice a year, so, legs and larger body sections aren’t my main concern right now (though, I’d love to do my underarms which have a mansized amount of hair and a perma 5 o’clock shadow when I shave) but, my sideburns refuse to die! I wax and wax and they get more resilient. I went for hormonal testing to rule out PCOS and I do not have it, but, the doctor said my testosterone was a tad bit on the high side and prescribed Yasmin and Aldactone. Well, a year and a half later, testosterone is down and yet if anything the hair issue on my face has gotten worse. I sometimes joke to my mother that my hair could have posed as a “double” for that scene in the Superman film where they use one of his hairs to suspend a 1 ton ball from… heh. cry :frowning:

So, enter my acquiescence to laser.

Now, having found this site I am presented with a wealth of information. Actually, now I am abit more scared… who knew there were so many choices? That actually leads me to my first question to ask of you brave souls.

1)What is the best laser for hair removal of nearly black hair on nearly white skin for the face? I’m guessing this Lightsheer? And if I currently use glycolics and BHA/AHA do I need to stop to decrease a chance of burning from the laser?

2)What exactly is involved in maintenance? If one goes for enough treatments, shouldn’t one theoretically not have to go back again? Or am I going to be lasering for the rest of my life? I’m confused… do the hairs either die or turn pale/fine or is that temporary and eventually they grow back the same way?

Thanks so much for any additional advice anyone can afford me.

Once again, I am thrilled to have found this forum… cheers!