helen powers method

I live in western North Carolina and my dermatologist recommended a dermatologist in Raliegh through the Duke Health System. Her office houses an electrolysis unit that uses the Helen Powers method of Electrolysis. This method was very effective for me, however travel one way was 4 hours and I can no long dedicated on whole day to this effort. Does anyone know who may use this method in the Western North Carolina, Charlotte, NC, upstate South Carolina or Knoxville/Johnson City, Tennessee area? Thanks I appreciate any feedback - lbetse@charter.net

You would have to describe this method. There are many protocols that have different names, and yet are the same.
Furthermore, you really need to focus on finding someone who is close to you, and is good at what she or he does, regardless of the treatment style used. Effective treatment is paramount.

The Helen Powers method is probably just a proprietary name for a standard method. It’s basically a marketing gimmick to make her practice seem proprietary and better than competitors.

That is not to make any comment on her skills. She may be very good, but she is using a marketing tactic, rather than a type of machine or well-known method that is recognized by the industry.