Healing cream

Hi all,

Just wondering does anyone on of any kind of healing cream that clears up the electro spots after treatment. Im startin my top lip next week an dreading the red spots that be left after treatment. To date I have been using basic tea tree, if anyone no’s of any beter or quicker healing cream can you please let me no.

Much appreciated and many thanks

As a practicing electrologist, my clients do not need ANYTHING for red spots. My experience is not rare. There are many of us working on clients who go back to normal within minutes to hours. What is different about your treatment where you need a ‘healing cream’ for red spots? That is a question to ask your electrologist. Without the benefit of knowing specifics about her set up and skills, that is about all I can offer.

The best treatment for red spots is to prevent them in the first place. There are ways to do this. Check out other electrologists and compare their skill, equipment and your healing outcome.


There are lots of variables that could be at play here, the modality used, the temperature and humidity of the place where this poster lives, and of course, the techniques and equipment used in the treatments.

It is hard to say what needs to be tweaked here.

Hi Dee:

I thought I heard you mention just recently about the greater possibility of red spots on some parts of the body when treating certain areas. Correct me if I am mistaken about you saying that.

I sometimes use a healing cream that I concoct which I have given the highly scientific name of “goop”.

I use a skin cream with vitamin A,D,E, Tea Tree oil and aloe.

Hi Alicia.

Yes,for body work, red spots, short term,are almost a given. Upper lip and facial areas in general, no. If they happen on the facial areas, one needs to tell their electrologist so she/he can change strategy with energy levels, modality or probe selection. Insertions must be re-evaluated as well.

Hi sori im just gettin back…I dont understand wat u mean about red spots dissappearin in minutes to an hour, please tell me some1 else out there gets redish marks aftr treatment. Ive tried 3 different electrolysists for my chin, neck and lip an all 3 has left me with red spot type mark things that can last for 1-2 weeks. Yes the first treatment doesnt be as bad but crtainly days after marks appear…an I am satisfied with the electrolysis I get…I think perhaps thats its my skin type, Ive been using tea tree and pure lavender oi but was wonderin was there anything on the market that would be quicker healing times…


It’s normal to have side effects for up to a week or so. Not 2 weeks. If you use proper aftercare, these won’t be a problem and will go away fast. Use witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night.

I get rid spots on my upper lip and chin that lasts more than two weeks? should I space out my appointments further? I go once a week!

I think it’s different for everyone. I get red spots that last many weeks from pro work (even from a terrific practitioner who is highly recommend and one of the best in the field). She uses picoflash and it leaves spots similar to what I had with galvanic, even though she’s so skilled.

Some people just don’t heal as quickly. Blame diet, blame sleep cycles, blame genetics, blame whatever, but as long as you’re not getting pus or scabs or obvious signs of over-treatment, then I think having pink dots for a couple weeks is normal for some people.

for me it takes a long time to recover and have nice skin again!! but what is the popping sound that I sometimes hear when the hair is being removed?

You basically just shouldn’t be treating any spots which haven’t completely healed. Because that exacerbates the problem.