head shaving

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I recently started shaving my head. First I used a razor but that gave me razor bumps. Now I use a Magic cream which works pretty well I guess. Its kinda messy and I have to use it everyday to keep my head smooth. But even with Magic I still have a problem with shadowing. Ideally I would like a method that can remove the hairs on my head from the root and hopefully eliminate the hair shadow below the surface. Are there any methods you can suggest? I have read quite a bit about the Braun and Emoji machines. Can these be used on head hair?

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Waxing the head or using epilators is not easy, especially if you have a lot of hair. In fact, it can tear the skin if you aren’t careful. It’s also very difficult to do your own head, especially the back, since it’s hard to see what you are doing. If you decide to try these, you should get it waxed by a pro the first time, then use an epilator for touch-ups at home. Be sure to go to someone who has waxed head hair before.

I noticed you are from the Caribbean-- if you are of African descent, you need too be extra careful about the methods you use. Some people with darker skin can get dark spots when they wax. If you are concerned about this, you should test another area first. Some people with curly hair tend to get a lot more ingrowns, too, so if you wax, it’s very important to keep your skin exfoliated and moisturized so hairs don’t get trapped under the skin.

Finally, it’s important to avoid the hot sun after epilating your head, or you could cause the area around each follicle to get darker. This is also true for electrolysis. If you are considering laser and are dark skinned, you need to use extreme caution, as I discuss in other sections.

Epilators are a good option for some, but only as maintenance between professional sessions. If you go to a pro, be sure to do small areas at a time to avoid skin damage.

Thanx for the reply and the warnings. And yes I am of African descent. Still a few questions though.
How long does your hair have to be for waxing or epilators to work? Right now I have what I think is a reasonable stubble (about a day and half since I last used Magic). Not withstanding the various things that could go wrong…is it possible for waxing or an epilator to work on such short hair?

Waxing usually requires hair to be longer than epilators do. You can probably use an epilator on hair that’s one-eighth of an inch (0.5 cm), where waxing would need to be at least twice as long, and probably more.

If you have never plucked or waxed, I stringly recommend trying it on another part of your body that’s not as visible to others. Some people of African descent get a change in skin color around plucked hairs. Maybe you know some women who have different coloration around their eyebrows (usually a little darker) from plucking. I would do a lot of little tests to see how you respond before taking the plunge, since there is a definite possibility you could damage your scalp unless you are very careful.