Having an off day

Its so funny when you read back on your posts when you’re having an off day. My treatment is due on Tuesday but for some reason I’m feeling so down, I keep staring at myself for ages thinking will there ever be an end to this misery.I guess part of me is feeling guilty for doing it, but then I think if I stop now, the situation will just get worse, so I might as well go through with it until the end!
As I have fine hair, it takes so much longer and that really does depress me some days. Plus I have to meet up with a client tomorrow and I know I’m just going to feel uncomfortable because I’m due for my treatment and feel like a hairy, whiskered rat.
Anyone else feeling completely hairy, useless and depressed at this point in time? (guess being due a period doesn’t help either!)

i totally understand hwo you feel. i have been getting those feelings where i really do hope there is an end in sight…otherwise, its been alot of money spending and false hope. BUT i really do have faith that i will be hair free soon. my concern is i hope it is permanant and not a two or three year hairfree ness. i wish us both luck.

take care and dont feel alone.


i have those days everyday. Although, i dont have the hair on my face I have it every where else (thighs, buttocks, stomach) and I am a girl. I have tried everythings, from taking hormone pills, taking other medications, shaving waxing, tweezing and finally electrolysis. I have been doing electrolysis for over a year now and results are still lacking. I am starting to lose hope that I will ever be hair free. So i can completely sympathize.