having a little panic attack

i recently went in and had my upper arms done with coolglide excel. i wanted to try arms before i went on to a larger area like the back. i have the little red marks around the follicles still and it’s been about just over a week since the treatment. i may have been a little overtreated but nothing too serious. however, a couple of days ago my arms felt kinda tired and somewhat achy, almost like mild soreness from a workout. i didn’t think anything of it. my arms just have this tired feeling right now and the reflexes in my hand seem a little slow. it’s hard to describe. i read about one lady having nerve damage from laser. and that was all i needed to hear to set my mind into anxiety. i can;t get it out of my head now. it’s like i’m waiting to see if this is all just in my head, or if something was damaged that could over time effect my manual dexterity. i emailed my LHR contact and am waiting to hear back from her. can somebody tell my if i’m getting myself worked up over nothing or if anyone else has felt similar sensation after treatment? thanks, stressed

You’re getting yourself worked up over nothing.



Your letting your mind get the best of you.Your fine.

Hi! I work with Coolglide machines all day long, and we also train other users of these machines. I have not seen or heard of any type of nerve damage from hair removal, be it laser or electrolysis. The beam is designed to only penetrate several millimeters into the skin, not in to muscle tissue. It is not uncommon for the skin to be bumpy and red for several days after treatment - that is called a “peri-follicular” response, and it hangs on longer in some folks. As long as you have no blisters, itching or pustules, your skin is fine. I hope this helps. ciao