have someone tried Venus Epilskin CW-808 ?

I am considering buying a Epilskin CW-808. Does anyone have experience with this model?

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i doubt anyone here has tried it, but i can tell you the treatment window is tiny. If you look for reviews of the Rio brand hair remover you’ll find a few reviews and i’m betting this cw808 is basically the same as the Rio. Basically, a tiny window, a pain in the butt to do larger areas, and results seem to be poor as far as permanent change. It’s the same technology as the Tria, but tria has a lot more R&D behind their product, and the biggest boast Tria has is like 40% less hair for 6 months after 8-12 treatments.

If you want it to reduce hair for a few months or find an alternative to waxing/epilating small areas, the CW808 could probably accommodate that goal.

While even Tria (same technology as other diode home machines like the one you mention) have admitted it did not work for permanent hair removal, one advantage to these home laser and IPL machines over waxing is that you don’t have to have the stubble grow out in order to wax again or epilate.

and unlike waxing, they will not break the hair, or miss stubble that is too short to wax, so you’re left with a much smoother area than with waxing and for a longer time than waxing as well. Unlike waxing, they will dislodge the hair in it’s growing stage before it hits the surface, which means you won’t see the dark growth underneath the skin.

But permanent? don’t count on it, don’t expect it, and don’t buy the machine in hopes for it.

Here’s the only thing i could find on the 808 model you mention. I vote PASS! http://www.unhaggardhousewife.com/2011/09/venus-laser-hair-removal-review.html

and this is my favorite line from Venus about the machine: “For difficult-to-treat areas such as armpits, we recommend that you get a friend to help you”. lol. yeah, okay, every 2 weeks i’ll have someone home laser my armpits 1 hair at a time.

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