Have booked a consultation

I have took the step forward and booked a consultation to discuss electrolysis. Although i couldnt get the appointment till 8th March, im still really happy that ive done it. This problem has been eating away at me for such a long time and im soooo grateful to have found this website and know that i am not alone in this!! I was near suicidal but now i see a shimmer of hope in the distance.

What can i expect from the consultation? And also the hair i want removing is on my face so do i have to have it at a certain length for the electrologist to make a proper examination???

Glad we could help.

You will only need to allow the hair to grow for a day or 3 in order for your electrologist to be able to clear it. Just don’t wax, instead shave 2 to 3 days prior to the appointment.

Your consultation should attempt to explain electrolysis to you, get an idea of what your hair removal needs are, and then do the sample treatment. From there, you will be actually removing hairs that will never come back.