Have any guys had this done?

I want to remove that hair on my penis and scrotum. I have had comments made about my hair type and skin type not being good for laser and that electrolysis is the way to go. Have any guys out there had this done and are they happy with the results? Any pain? Is this the right process for the area? I am tired of tweezing.

Lots of guys have had this done, many of whom have discussed their experience in detail on this site. Just a few days ago, one gentleman was describing how he personally experienced nothing he would describe as pain while having self treatment in that area.

You need only search the past posts using the search feature, or look through the mature section to find lots of information on this topic.

Thanks for your help. Still trying to navigate around and find more info. Next step is to find a good electrolosist in Missoula, MT. Thanks again.