Has electrolysis made me unwell?

Dear all,

After reading Hairtell posts for months - and having realised Laser on my facial hair was a waste time (in fact like many other unfortunate soles laser made my hair problems worse!) I tried galvanic electrolysis as my last resort.

There’s no pleasant way to say this - but after my 1st session I felt like I was passing more wind than usual. Thinking that this would go away, I tried another 2 sessions and it seemed my flatulance got worse. Also - I was burping more than I ever have before.

My electrologists (who is very good at her job) assured me that electrolysis isn’t the cause of this - and it could be stress related. But I’m not sure. It can’t be a coincidence.

I have now stopped electrolysis for 2 months and slowly life is beginning to go back to normal.

Has anyone else had any other weird side effects or is it just me? I’m finding it hard to accept that my last resort for embarassing facial hair has been hindered by yet another debilitating problem!

Should I try thermolysis instead? Help please…

Many thanks.


Undoubtedly, this is the most refreshing question that has ever been asked here on hairtell to my knowledge. Usually, we all chip in to answer the same questions over and over again, so thanks for something new and interesting!

Scientifically speaking, any form of electrolysis that may be used will not cause flatulence, however, if you are a little nervous before, during or after a session, this more likely explains the turmoil in your gastrointestinal system.
Or,by conincidence have you introduced flatulence causing foods into your diet around the same time you had electrolysis??

I have never heard this complaint and have never read any articles in electrolysis literature about a flatulence/electrolysis connection.

I guess you could experiment and try thermolysis and see if you have a wind problem with that modality. There just isn’t a plausible scientific reason for this phenomena.

I am anxious to hear if any other clients have had a similar problem. Be assured that electrolysis is safe and does not adversly affect the GI system.


I imagine this issue is unrelated to electrolysis.

As you may know, I am a contributor to eMedicine, and they have a good article with some tips on helping with this issue:


Isn’t it funny how the internet lets us all talk about things we wouldn’t even discuss with our best friends? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I’ve never seen or heard of this issue being raised with electrolysis. Just going out on a limb here–could it be that you’re not relaxed during a treatment and are not breathing normally, so that you’re swallowing a lot of air, causing the burping and flatulence? I don’t otherwise see how a treatment could cause this, since electro treats your skin and the GI problem involves internal organs. I hope you’re able to find a resolution so that you can finally be rid of your hair problem.

Thank you all for your speedy response! Can you tell I’m a first timer…

I think you all have valid points - re could it be food, could it be that I’m not relaxed and not breathing properly? I must say its a definate yes to the latter - I tried imagining I was on a beach drinking cocktails and breathing in and out like I do in yoga - but I think my tension got the better of me and could have hit my GI system.

And I hadn’t changed my food habits at the time but I think after I got the problem - certain foods may have aggrevated the system. (I’ve kept a food diary and tried elimanation diets for a few months).

I must say though the wind is lessening by the day (Andrea you are dead right about finding it easier to talk about these things on the net!).

Anyways - so I may try 1 more laser treatment (simply so I can get total clearance for a little while) before plunging into thermolysis. I really hope it works out.

Once again thank you all for that bit of assurance you’ve given me.

If its not too much trouble - would love to hear your thoughts on any other documented side effects of electrolysis other than skin damage (which I’ve read is usually because of poor operators).

Many thanks!