Has anyone used WIFH in Atlanta?

Hi, I have been looking for a reputable laser specialist near me. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about WIFH (Womans Institute for Health) in Atlanta? Thier website looks promising.
Just info on me, I am a male with black, wiry hair and light skin. Plant to have laser done on everything (well almost) below the waist.

Have you read our FAQs? Please do so, at the link below, asap before you look at anything else. It will give you pointers on what to look for.

We need more info. How coarse and dense is the hair? What are all the separate areas you want to treat? What is the result you’re seeking, i.e. reduction or 100% removal or something else?

When you look for clinics, you need to do certain research first so you know what to look for in their machines and expertise. You need to figure out your skin type, what laser type is best for it, and what areas are even worth treating with laser first.

Yes, I have done all that. Another option is Smooth Solutions. One issue with WIFH is the seesions are 6 weeks apart. That seems very quick.

If you have done your research, you should list what type of laser you’re looking for. It’s not like every clinic has all types of lasers for all skin types.

Are you looking in Atlanta or in Louisiana? Were you the person who already got treated in Monroe? There is definitely an old thread on the forum about someone treating a male face in Louisiana…maybe even Monroe. Run a search.