Has anyone tried this product?

I just ordered this one product called UHA. Has anyone tried it? It is basically a spray that you spray on after you remove your hairs. They claim it helps to inhibit and slow down hair growth. I have not tried yet though, but wanted some advice from anyone whom has tried it. I sure hope it isn’t another false advertisement and rip off like Finally Free. I just ordered it and will try it soon. Therefore, if anyone has used and can offer me some advice and reviews, I will really appreciate it! Thanks!

It is almost certainly a scam. There have been many similar scam products over the years.

The only product that I know of that has been proven to inhibit hair growth topically is Vaniqua, a prescription cream, and is FDA approved.

most products like this are just alkalines mixed in with an emollient base. What they do is dissolve and/or weaken the top of the shaved hairs so that you don’t feel as much stubble, as the hairs don’t have enough force to scrape and resist against your hand when you rub or brush across it. They are not inhibiting growth, just bringing about an illusion that makes you feel something different.

The only cream that actually does this is Vaniqa and I believe it’s patented (so it can’t be copied). So this is likely a scam.

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for the info! Gosh, I am SO MAD that I am tricked again… I am just praying that I am able to get a refund now. I will still try to send it back asap so that I can get a refund. I can’t believe that so many of these imposters are out to trick us out of our hard earned money. Don’t they have any guilt??? I guess from now on before I order any hair removal product, I will come here to get some feedback first. Now I wonder if I will eve get a refund at all? They have NOT answered my emails at all… I am VERY mad…

No, when it comes money, thre are many people who have no guilt about ripping people off. You will not get a refund, but you will have learned a valuable lesson. No need to come back and ask if you should order other so-called hair removal products if you want permanent hair removal. The only methods that fill that bill would be laser hair REDUCTION or electrolysis - PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. There is no easy way down, but these methods should be explored if you want to get a grip on your hair problem. All other mehtods are temporary and bothersome.

Thank you for your advice and info! I still can’t believe people can be so mean and greedy!!!IF I had found this site earlier, I would NOT have ordered that STUPID product or the other one at all… I am soo happy to find this site so that I will not get ripped off anymore. I just lost another $65!!! Gosh, I wonder why those stupid companies still continue to rip people off and are not caught. I guess many things sound too good to be true and one of them is using these cheap methods that claim to provide PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL… I guess it is still the old fashioned, electrolysis or laser treatments… Sigh…

Your only hope of refunds are though your credit card company, assuming you ordered via credit card, and you protest the charge in 60 days or less.

Funny thing, some of these companies say right in their refund policy that they don’t give refunds until you "try the product for a minimum of 60 or 90 days first. That way, you have no way left to get a refund before you even start trying to get a refund. Evil Geniuses, eh?

I did order it with my credit card. Well, this STUPID company said that we can return it within 60 days whether it is all used up or is still new. However, IF they don’t give me my refund, I will protest to my credit card company right away… Since I have a good credit record, I think my credit company will help me dispute it. Gosh, I swear that I will NOT fall for these scams anymore. I will come here to ask for reviews of products first before I ever order another one again… They are so greedy and evil!!! And to think there are sooo many of these scamming companies out there… Boy, we all need to be careful…Thank you so much for the info James!

It sounds from all your posts that you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist, which is what these companies prey on. Let us know what your exact hair problem is and we can tell you what all your options are.

I know… I guess I was being too ideal. Honestly, I have used Nair for many many years and it actually has helped to make a lot the hair on my legs pretty much gone or become really fine like baby hair. I mainly just have some specific little areas on my legs that have some hairs that always grow back, but only some. I feel embarrassed to admit this(but since everyone here is really nice and all), but I also have some hair on my breasts and stomach too. However, they are pretty minor but really bother me. And of course I have hair in that region(you know what I mean just like everyone does), my underarms and some light ones on my upper lip that bother me. That is pretty much it. I am honestly not that hairy at all. It is just some of these minor hairs that really bother me. Therefore, I don’t know if I want to do electrolysis since it really hurts and is expensive( I can’t afford it now, but maybe in the future). My sister in law told me, “no pain, no gain”. I have also seen that these depilatories have varying results depending from person to person as well. For example, Nair never really irritated or burned my skin much. I think it only did once and that was it… However, it did help erase a lot of my hairs permanently believe ir or not…