Has anyone tried "Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D.Three Step Hair Removal System?"

So far I’ve only used nair for men for my upper back. I hate the smell and it’s not that effective unless I put it on thick and leave it on longer.

But recently, while flipping around channels, I saw this product on HSN called “Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D.Three Step Hair Removal System.” The link I provided will send you to the site that has ingredients.

Before I buy it I wanted to know if anyone has tried it or heard of it.


:grin: I was going to post up the same question! I’ve searched on google but haven’t found any reviews or comments about it. The main reason why I’m so hesitant to buy and try, is it’s an infomercial type product, and we all know what that means. But Dr. Jeannette Graf is a doctor after all… maybe it wouldn’t be one of those rip-off products. I have searced up some of her other products online, and all of them have rather good feedback. So who knows? Anyway, I hope someone who has tried Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D. Three Step Hair Removal System will respond ASAP!! I’m dying to know!

Well seeing how it took 7 days for someone to reply to my topic, it doesn’t seem likely anyone will be posting any time soon. =( Hehe.