Has anyone heard of this clinic??

I recently discovered a clinic in Newtonville MA that offere laser hair removal with the Gentlelase plus laser. They are called A & A Laser, Electrolysis & Skin Care Associates. Does anyone have any info on the clinic and there performances?

They offere good prices (350 for entire chest and stomach removal)

Any information would be GREATY APPRECIATED


It’s unlikely that you’ll get a response to such a specific request. If the clinic has been discussed, you would find it by searching the site. If not, unfortunately, you’re on your own to figure them out, but it’s not that difficult. Schedule a free consultation and ask the right questions. See what their answers are and you’ll be able to tell whether they’re knowledgeable. Bring in our Questions to Ask at Consultation and read our FAQs and you’ll be prepared. See links below.